Set up holiday calendar

25. January 2021

Currently, some of our customers find a message in the footer of projectfacts which refers to missing public holidays for the coming years. This message appears because the public holiday calendar in the system must always extend at least 2 years into the future. In the following, we will explain to you which settings must now be made by your system administrator.

Holiday calendar set-up

The public holiday calendar defines the public holidays in your company. There you can set which public holidays are granted as half days or full days. In addition, the calendars can be entered according to the federal state and assigned to the employees concerned.

Expanding the public holiday calendar

In the configuration under the item “Time tracking” you will find the tab “Holidays”. In most cases, the standard public holiday calendar until 2022 is stored here. This calendar contains all the public holidays entered so far.

To get a better basis for processing, select the filter function at the top right of the screen and filter for the public holidays for the year in question.

Holiday calendar set-up

The result then shows all entries from the selected period.

Holiday calendar set-up

It is possible to edit each individual public holiday subsequently, as it can often vary from company to company whether 24.12, for example, is a half or full public holiday. To make this change, simply click on the edit icon next to the desired holiday.

When all the desired public holidays for the selected year have been entered, they can be copied for the following year using the multiple selection with the correct year number.

You can now carry out this process year by year and thus plan the public holidays into the future as desired.

Holiday calendar set-up

Creating additional calendars

When the first calendar has been created, it appears in the overview of public holidays. In the line you will find a plus symbol “+” at the right edge, with which you can duplicate this calendar and rename it as required. In the newly created calendar, the public holidays can now be adjusted for the respective changes (for example, another federal state).

Holiday calendar set-up

Assigning employees to a public holiday calendar

In each calendar, you will find the number of assigned employees in the overview. This assignment can be made in the HR settings under the contract data/working time.

Holiday calendar set-up
Header picture: © Nick Hillier – (2021)