Enhanced functions for attendance times: Manage more precisely

29. September 2023

Our new features for attendance times

Users of the software can look forward to a number of new features that make it possible to manage attendance times even more precisely.

  • Restrict time categories for user groups
  • Delta values for tracked times
  • Automatically generate cost elements for time categories
  • Weekly closing for attendance times

Categories for attendance and absence times

Categories allow you to define different types of attendance or absence times. Attendance categories can be, for example, “at the office”, “at the home office” or “at the customer’s”. For absences, on the other hand, “sick”, “on vacation” or “vocational school” are conceivable, for example. Depending on the category in which times have been recorded, you can quickly see where your colleagues are currently working or why they are currently absent.

Restrict time categories to user groups

In addition, a whole range of other settings can be made for each time category. These include the type of recording, offsetting against the working time account, break regulations and much more.

In addition, it is possible to define that individual time categories are only available to certain employees, for example, the category “Vocational school” is only available to the group of trainees. In the same way, the category “at the customer” can only be activated for employees from the sales and consulting team.

Delta values for tracked times

With the delta value you have the possibility to automatically adjust the recorded time within a category. For this purpose, a fixed amount of time (for example, a quarter of an hour) is automatically added to or subtracted from the recorded time. With this mechanism you can quickly and easily compensate for setup or travel times.

According to legal requirements, working time starts as soon as the employee enters the company premises. However, some time may pass before the computer is reached, booted up and time recording started. To compensate for this time difference, you can use the delta value to credit employees with a few minutes by default in order to comply with the legal requirement without having to install a dedicated terminal solution. A similar procedure is also conceivable for setup times, for example, if your employees first have to put on special work clothes before starting work.

Automatically generate cost components for time categories

Attendance time categories can automatically generate cost elements. This can be set up individually within the category. This is especially practical for night or holiday work, which should automatically trigger certain surcharge rates.

However, you can use the function in a much more versatile way. Individual rules are available for this purpose, with which you can generate cost components only for certain employees or if the recorded time exceeds a certain value. Commissions, for example, can be mapped using these rules. You can check the settlement as part of the monthly or weekly closing.

The weekly closing for attendance times

The monthly closing with projectfacts is already used in many companies. Now the system even allows a weekly closing for companies that want to record their times even more timely. Via the configuration you can set whether you want to work with the weekly or the monthly closing.

More freedom for your time management

You would also like to benefit from the possibilities projectfacts offers you in time management? We will gladly introduce you to time categories and much more in a presentation. Afterwards simply test the functions yourself with your personal test account.

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