Unbooked working days at a glance

29. September 2023

Overview of unbooked project times

The tiles “Unbooked working days” and “My unbooked working days” show whether all days were booked in the past or whether there are gaps. The latest allowed booking day is decisive, i.e. usually the retroactive booking limit.

If all times have been booked, a green tick appears on the tile interface and symbolizes that nothing further needs to be done. If certain values are missing, on the other hand, it shows which times can no longer be booked or which still need to be added.

During the assessment, the system compares the project time with the attendance time recorded on the respective day. If the two values differ, a corresponding message is displayed. For companies that do not use the attendance time recording, projectfacts only considers whether there is at least one booking for all days.

The overview helps employees to quickly see on which days they still have to book times. Conversely, it provides managers with a tool that allows them to see at a glance which times still need to be entered.

More about unbooked project times

For more information and an introduction to the display of unbooked times, please contact our consulting team. If you don’t use projectfacts yet, you can get access to your personal test account via the following link.

Header image: © freepik (2023)