27. January 2023

Ready for the time tracking obligation

Time tracking is compulsory in Germany. projectfacts meets all the requirements that the ECJ places on a system for time tracking.
23. January 2023

Contract value

What does the contract value in projectfacts mean? How does it differ from net and gross value? We answer these questions in the blog post.
11. January 2023

Update German holiday calendar

In this blog post we will show you how to update holidays in your projectfacts calendar and update your existing calendar.
13. December 2022

Software for your project portfolio

Manage your project portfolio with projectfacts and achieve your business goals. Ideal for quarterly planning and product releases. Test it now!
13. December 2022

Self-organization with the task manager

The projectfacts task manager is an ideal tool for self-organization. It helps you to keep track of all pending tasks. Test it now!
13. December 2022

Software for Hybrid Project Management

projectfacts is your software for hybrid project management. Combine classic project planning with agile sprints. Test it now!
13. December 2022

Microsoft Single Sign-on mit Azure AD

Log in directly to projectfacts via single sign-on with your Microsoft 365 account. No more double login windows. Test it now!
13. December 2022

projectfacts 2022.4

Discover new ways to manage your project portfolio: virtual milestones, agile methods and the all-new task manager.
24. October 2022

Article selection for documents

In this blog post, we will present two options for adding articles from your article master to an offer or invoice.
20. September 2022

Vacation manager for capacities

New in projectfacts version 2022.3: Have vacations checked and approved by the responsible capacity managers. Test it now!
20. September 2022

projectfacts 2022.3

Discover the new workplace planning for your company. Also benefit from new accounting options, e.g. for travel lump sums
19. September 2022

Individual info in reports

New in projectfacts version 2022.3: Compile individual information about projects and co and add them to your reports. Test it now!
16. September 2022

Application-specific menus and dashboards

New in projectfacts version 2022.3: Application specific menus and dashboards for whole departments or single employees. Test it now!
13. September 2022

Substitution rules for vacation and illness

With the projectfacts business software you organize vacation and sickness substitutions digitally and automatically. Test it now!
20. July 2022

Hybrid work: opportunities, models and practical tips

Make your company fit for Hybrid Work. We provide you with everything you need to know about Hybrid Work: Opportunities, risks, models and practical tips.
22. June 2022

Our desk-sharing tool for home office and office

Manage collaboration in your company with our desk-sharing tool. Employees simply book their workstations online.
22. June 2022

projectfacts 2022.2

Discover the new workplace planning for your company. Also benefit from new accounting options, e.g. for travel lump sums
15. June 2022

Price adjustment in current orders

You want to adjust prices in a running order, e.g. for new fees or billing rates? We show you how to proceed in projectfacts.
26. April 2022

Testing enterprise software like projectfacts: a guide

How do I digitize my business? Use our practical guide to set goals and requirements and find the right software, guaranteed.
1. April 2022

8 tools for successful project monitoring

Will my project be finished in time? Is the budget sufficient? We present 8 tools and metrics to make your project a success.
23. March 2022

New license prices from May 1, 2022

Starting May 1, 2022, we are adjusting our license prices as a result of increased costs for rent, technology and personnel. Learn more in this blog post.
23. March 2022

projectfacts 2022

Experience flexibility on a new level. projectfacts 2022 offers a new UX, automated CRM campaigns and an Outlook add-in for tickets.
23. March 2022

Outlook Add-in for Ticket Import

Transfer mails from your personal mailbox to the projectfacts ticket system quickly and easily with the Outlook add-in.
21. March 2022

Automated CRM Campaigns

Develop leads more effectively with automated CRM campaigns. Plan sales activities, send info material or follow up specifically.
21. March 2022

5 typical mistakes in software implementations

We show 5 typical mistakes during the introduction of a new enterprise software and give tips how you can do it better in your company.
24. February 2022

New user experience with projectfacts 2022

For projectfacts 2022 we have completely redesigned the menu and the user experience. Discover the benefits of the new menu and other improvements.
3. February 2022

Managing Knowledge with an Enterprise Wiki

Manage knowledge in your company with an enterprise wiki. ✓ Applications ✓ Advantages ✓ Objections ✓ HowTo
15. December 2021

projectfacts 6.11 – More possibilities with Microsoft Teams

With projectfacts version 6.11 you work together even more effectively, because with the new release you can integrate Microsoft Teams in projectfacts.
14. December 2021

Create Microsoft Teams meetings

Create Microsoft Teams meetings in the projectfacts calendar and send invitations to your team members. ► Test now
13. December 2021

Close Log4Shell security gap

Do you host projectfacts yourself? Then learn how to close the Log4Shell vulnerability in this blog post.
17. November 2021

Software for the home office: More productive with projectfacts

Work more productively in your home office. With projectfacts software you always have your company with you and control business processes from home.
8. November 2021

Helpdesk software: Manage tickets online

Anywhere & anytime: With the projectfacts helpdesk software, you manage customer enquiries and support tickets efficiently in the cloud.
14. September 2021

projectfacts 6.10 – Effective sales controlling

Effective sales controlling and improved usability await you in projectfacts 6.10: ✓ Activity analysis ✓ Key accounts ✓ PWA
14. September 2021

New evaluations in sales controlling

Discover new possibilities for evaluation in the sales controlling software. ✓ Sales opportunities ✓ Sales funnels ✓ Activity analysis
14. September 2021

Improved usability for projectfacts

Discover new features and improved usability for projectfacts: ✓ PWA ✓ Multi Window operation ✓ Mobile optimisation and much more.
10. September 2021

Your intelligent telephone interface

Manage your communication even more efficiently from now on - with our intelligent telephone interface. ► Test now
10. September 2021

Our tool for your teamwork

On the occasion of our nomination for the Dev Insider Award 2021, we take a look at the teamwork tools in projectfacts.
22. June 2021

projectfacts 6.9 – Optimise your sales processes

Optimise your sales processes even more efficiently with projectfacts 6.9! ✓ Sales management ✓ Sales opportunities ✓ etc.
22. June 2021

Record times and costs for sales opportunities

Record the times and costs of your sales work in one software. This makes your sales even more efficient. ► Test now!
22. June 2021

Successful sales management with projectfacts

Optimise your sales management. With projectfacts your sales processes run digitally & automatically from now on. ► Test now
9. June 2021

Microsoft 365 login procedure for email accounts in projectfacts

Secure your mail account in projectfacts with the Microsoft 365 login procedure. ► Test projectfacts now for free
26. May 2021

HR software for personnel service providers

Personnel service providers need software that supports them in HR management. projectfacts offers you an all-in-one solution.
17. March 2021

projectfacts 6.8 – Under the influence of time tracking

Discover the highlights of projectfacts version 6.8 and try them out directly. ✓ Posting of special working times ✓ Overtime traffic light ✓ and much more.
16. March 2021

The overtime traffic light – keeping an eye on hourly accounts

The traffic light system for your employees' overtime - quick to set up, easy to use. Use the overtime traffic light for your employee planning.
15. March 2021

Recording and booking special working times

With projectfacts, you can record and book any type of time completely individually (e.g. work disruptions, travel times and much more).
2. March 2021

Sales Force Automation

What does Sales Force Automation mean? What advantages does it offer us? How can we benefit from Sales Force Automation with projectfacts?