Billing based on HOAI

20. June 2023

Principles of the HOAI

The “Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure” (or HOAI for short) stands for a legal regulation of the German government. It regulates the fees for architectural and engineering services in Germany. The current version dates from January 2021, and was originally introduced with the aim of ensuring appropriate remuneration for corresponding services while at the same time creating a transparent and fair basis for calculating fees.

HOAI is mandatory for the planning and execution of construction services and is based on a number of principles:

  • Service profile: the HOAI defines the individual service phases to be provided in the planning and realization of a construction project. These comprise a total of nine points: Basic evaluation, preliminary planning, design planning, approval planning, implementation planning, preparation for awarding the contract, assistance in awarding the contract, site supervision and site management.
  • Fee calculation: The HOAI lays down detailed rules for fee calculation. It defines fee scales that determine the fee rate depending on the construction cost ceiling, the fee zone and the scope of services. Since 2021, the fee tables have only served as a guide and are no longer binding. The fees are calculated as a percentage of the chargeable costs of the construction project. The HOAI ensures that the fees are appropriate and in line with the market.
  • Binding effect: The HOAI has a binding effect for all parties involved in the construction. This means that both clients and planners must adhere to the rules for calculating fees set out in the HOAI. This is to ensure fair and transparent competition.

Billing based on HOAI with teamspace

Basically, the HOAI requires an accounting in a fixed number of percentage deductions, which are based on the fee tables. This form of accounting is also supported by teamspace.

You define the total value of a planning or construction service in the system via the base value. It is displayed in documents for an overview, but is not charged itself, but only serves as a reference value for the individual percentage items per service phase.

For example, you can now create an area specifically for trades and enter the desired percentage rate for each order item. The system then automatically calculates the appropriate settlement amount for you. If the rate or reference value changes, the system automatically updates all dependent items. Surcharges, e.g. for listed buildings, can also be implemented in the same way.


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