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8. November 2021

Why Helpdesk Software?

The more customers you have, the more requests you receive (so-called tickets):

  • Requests for general information
  • Requests for quotations
  • Error messages
  • General support requests

Often, different employees or even departments are responsible for dealing with these requests. Without unified management, you cannot control where they end up: In an old mailbox, to the service team of another department or similar.

With a helpdesk software you collect all requests in a central place and distribute them to the responsible employees or departments. This offers you several advantages:

  • Complete overview of all incoming requests
  • Requests automatically reach the right recipients
  • Keeping an eye on the processing status and deadlines

Move your helpdesk to the cloud

An online helpdesk software in the form of a ticket system offers you many advantages when working together as a team, because you have access to the cloud anywhere and at any time. You benefit from this in many places:

  • Your service staff work in the home office.
  • Your field service needs access to incoming tickets.
  • Urgent enquiries should also reach your technicians on the move.

These and many other use cases are no problem for an online helpdesk. No matter if office, home office or mobile: With projectfacts your team always has full access. Even the end device does not matter, because as a web app projectfacts runs on practically all mobile devices. In addition, projectfacts is 100% DSGVO-compliant, because this is the only way to have a clear conscience in the cloud!

Channel enquiries automatically

In many companies, incoming requests are handled via different mailboxes or a secretary’s office. A lot of time passes until a ticket has found the right addressee. Sometimes important information is lost in the process.

Collect and distribute tickets

A ticket software provides a remedy, because it collects all incoming requests in a central ticket management. Nevertheless, your employees are not overwhelmed by them, because projectfacts automatically assigns tickets to a suitable channel. In this way, from the mass of incoming requests, only those that are actually relevant end up with a specific employee or in a department.

One ticket channel per department

Choose your ticket channels in the way that makes the most sense for your company. You will often find a separation between the sales, support/service and back office departments.

If a prospective customer contacts a “sales@” email address, their enquiry automatically ends up in the ticket channel for sales. If, on the other hand, a customer wants to report a fault and writes to “support@”, all service staff have immediate access to it. Questions about invoices etc. are sorted into the back-office channel and can then be processed in the secretariat.

Edit tickets efficiently

You can work with tickets in the same way as with e-mails: reply, forward, etc.. In contrast to conventional mails, however, tickets are much more intelligent. They contain much more information:

  • Time of the request
  • Processor(s)
  • Responsible person(s)
  • Due date
  • Current status
  • Activity overview
  • and much more

You will receive an overview with all important information as a preview card with each ticket.

Keeping the overview

Department heads get a complete overview of how many tickets are currently open, in progress or completed. This allows them to intervene quickly if necessary. But it also helps each individual team member to keep things in order:

  • Which open tickets are pending today?
  • Which tickets need to be completed by the end of the week?
  • How many tickets am I currently responsible for?

Internal communication on a ticket and customer responses are automatically assigned to the original ticket. In this way, you ensure that all ticket processes are documented in one place.

Map workflows

The ticket software also helps you to process requests. You can even map complete workflows. To do this, you define individual statuses, e.g. “Open”, “In progress” and “Completed”.

All authorised employees have the possibility to adjust the ticket status, depending on which phase of the workflow the ticket is currently in. However, any other workflows are also possible in order to map special processes, e.g. for applications, quotation requests, error messages and much more.

You can store any number of automatic responses in the ticket software. Individual text modules can also be integrated and inserted with a short command. This allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers.

Escalate tickets

The goal of a helpdesk is to process requests as efficiently as possible and to the satisfaction of the customer. Speed is a decisive factor here. It is not uncommon for emails to go missing or not even be noticed, for example because the employee in question is currently ill or on holiday.

The projectfacts helpdesk software offers a simple solution for this: ticket escalation. After a freely selectable period of time, tickets can be escalated automatically. Either the current agent is released or the ticket channel is changed. Another team member can then take over the processing. This is an ideal solution if you are bound to certain response times, e.g. through service level agreements (SLAs).

Further features of our helpdesk software

Customer portal with external access

You want to be even closer to your customers? For this purpose, projectfacts offers you an external access with which customers can view the processing status of their tickets directly online. In this way, you also offer your customers real added value by setting up your own customer portal for tickets. You can also avoid frequent queries about the current status of a specific ticket in this way.

Linking with the CRM

The projectfacts ticket system is seamlessly linked to a CRM system in which your customer and contact data are managed. This means you don’t have to search for the right email address or telephone number, because it is automatically displayed. An invaluable advantage when working with tickets. If you wish, you can also store additional service notes for each customer, if certain customer wishes are to be taken into account during ticket processing.

Organise tickets effectively with boards

Boards are a great way to bring order to your tickets. Simply place new tickets on a board. Employees can now enter themselves as editors or you can distribute responsibilities. If the status of a ticket changes, simply move it from one board column to the next. The result is an intuitive and clear solution for your ticket management.

Charge tickets directly to the customer

Services are often subject to a charge. With projectfacts, you simply record the time your team needed to process a ticket and can then release it for billing. Thanks to integrated time recording, times can be assigned to tickets quickly and easily, even by stopwatch if desired. Billing is done at the touch of a button thanks to a ready-made layout, contact data from the CRM and stored hourly rates.

Questions about the Online Helpdesk Software?

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