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26. May 2021

Our software for personnel service providers

Services of personnel service providers

Personnel service providers support companies in all areas relating to human resources. This includes, in particular, services for the recruitment, deployment and release of personnel. At the same time, they recruit talented applicants in a targeted manner and support them in their job search and on their further career path. Personnel service providers thus take on a dual role: For companies, they are partners in recruiting; for applicants, they are career coaches and employment agencies.

Requirements for recruitment agency software

This also results in many challenges for personnel service providers. Especially because of the temporally and spatially distributed work, an intelligent software solution like projectfacts has become an indispensable part of the daily work of personnel service providers.


  • increases the efficiency of business processes,
  • digitally maps daily work processes and
  • automates administrative tasks.

Many personnel service providers already place their trust in projectfacts. Why is that so? Which processes can projectfacts digitally map and optimise for personnel service providers? Which features lead to a noticeable reduction in workload? In the following blog post, we take a look at these questions and let one of our customers, WAHLER Human Resources from Munich, have his say.

Personalmanagement in porjectfacts

An integrated solution for your HR processes

Problems of traditional software tools

It is a process that is common in countless service companies: employees work through order items that belong to a certain customer project. These are then to be invoiced according to the amount of work involved. Although this process is carried out in this or a similar form in many HR companies on a daily basis, there are only very few software products that offer an adequate solution. What is the reason for this? One of the central reasons is certainly the multitude of underlying sub-processes.

Although not obvious at first glance, the process described requires a whole series of individual tasks to be carried out by the software and to merge hand in hand (personnel planning, time recording, project management, accounting, etc.). Many individual tools exist on the market for this purpose, but they often suffer from two problems:

  • The individual HR tools are not networked with each other and
  • they are mostly rigid standard applications that do not offer the necessary flexibility.

The alternative: projectfacts

projectfacts is designed differently from the ground up: We think in processes and advise our customers on how they can best digitalise and optimise their processes. To this end, we offer two fundamental advantages:

  • We draw on 20 years of experience in digitising service companies.
  • projectfacts is a digitisation solution for your entire company, which means you can seamlessly handle all your business processes in one software.

WAHLER HR also opted for projectfacts for these reasons. Managing Director Michael Wahler was particularly convinced by the fact that the individual modules in projectfacts interlock without interfaces and thus all processes can be mapped in one software:

“This saves us a lot of administrative effort”.

Digitise and optimise processes for personnel service providers

The integrated approach of projectfacts means that all business processes come together in one software. Personnel service providers can use projectfacts as a control centre for their company. Certain processes are typical and reflect the core business of personnel service providers:

  • Acquisition of client companies
  • Recruiting of qualified applicants
  • Scheduling for temporary employment
  • Time recording and accounting

What these processes have in common is that they quickly become very complex as the size of the company increases. Therefore, a software solution is an ideal way to reduce complexity and make work processes simpler and more efficient. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated – especially in personnel services where speed is of the essence.

Acquisition of client companies

Personnel service providers thrive on long-term good customer relationships. So nothing is more obvious than systematic customer relationship management. This is doubly true, because as players in a two-sided market, personnel service providers manage both company and applicant contacts.

projectfacts offers a simple solution for this. Even with a large number of contacts and activities, as is usual with personnel service providers, you always keep an overview. All contact-relevant information is automatically collected and clearly presented.

HR software projectfacts

For example, you can see contact data such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses on a business card, and the most recent activities are clearly displayed on a timeline. In addition, the projectfacts contact manager offers you many other options:

  • Jump intuitively between personal contacts and organisations.
  • Store individual contact types and letter salutations.
  • See all documents linked to the contact such as offers, orders, invoices, etc.

The intelligent links between the elements in projectfacts mean that you immediately know which employee was last deployed where and which documents were generated in the process. WAHLER HR also attests to the software solution’s great competence in this regard:

“Our sales process is efficient thanks to projectfacts”.

Recruiting qualified applicants

Channelling applications with the ticket system

For personnel service providers young talents are a valuable capital investment. This makes it all the more important to organise recruitment and the entire recruiting process efficiently and professionally. projectfacts offers you a clever solution for this: the ticket system.

WAHLER Human Resources has also discovered the ticket system. Applications are channelled here and end up directly in the right place. This simplifies internal processes and increases the chance of identifying valuable applicants early and reliably. Set up automatic replies and save interesting contacts in the CRM module. Simply enter application deadlines in the integrated calendar. In the course of onboarding, CVs and references can be stored directly in the digital employee file.

This is a valuable basis, because special skills or qualifications are often required for project activities – for example, certain language or programming skills, competences in a specialist discipline or simply a driving licence.

Manage skills and competences

In projectfacts you can easily store professional, language and social competences for your employees in the HR profile of the digital employee file and access them at any time. The individual competences can be bundled into groups and can also be assessed individually.

For your project planning, you can then selectively draw on those employees who match the requirement profile of the respective task. CVs, individual profiles or skills overviews can be forwarded immediately to interested client companies or via your own distribution list. A real added value of the software for personnel service providers.

HR software projectfacts

Personnel placement and assignment planning

Rough planning for your projects

The more projects and employees you manage, the more important is a mature personnel resource planning. It is good if you can fall back on integrated project management (as with projectfacts), because here resource planning is part of the standard repertoire.

In addition to classic personnel placement, many personnel service providers also offer temporary work (also called loaned employment or employee leasing). In this model, it is important to schedule employees as effectively as possible.

HR project in projectfacts

Since temporary work is often project work, there is no complete planning certainty in advance. Instead, personnel service providers need constant monitoring of the deployment of their team. Only then can they forecast whether an employee will fulfil her workload on schedule or whether the budget is likely to be insufficient. Intelligent warning mechanisms in projectfacts help you to keep an overview and to release new budgets if necessary.

Detailed planning with the scheduling assistant

In addition to rough long-term planning, the software also helps you with detailed planning. The scheduling assistant of projectfacts also helps you with this: the working hours of your employees and the corresponding time distribution are automatically taken from the master data of your employees. In this way, you can immediately see on which days your employees are available for how many hours and can be scheduled. Absences in the form of holidays, public holidays and sick leave are also automatically taken into account.

Since temporary work is often project work, there is no complete planning certainty in advance. Instead, personnel service providers need constant monitoring of the deployment of their team.

Only then can they forecast whether an employee will fulfil her workload on schedule or whether the budget is likely to be insufficient. Intelligent warning mechanisms in projectfacts help you to keep an overview and to release new budgets if necessary.

HR software projectfacts

Time recording and accounting

With projectfacts you can easily record the working hours of your employees. Whether online in the software, mobile via web app or with a chip card at the terminal: time recording is quick, easy and intuitive.

In addition to the pure recording of attendance times, you can also book times directly to individual work packages in projects. This way, personnel service providers not only know when and where your employees were working, but also what they were working on. The booking of project times offers you additional possibilities in project controlling (among other things in the form of earned value analysis). But it also makes invoicing easier for you. You no longer have to keep track of all your projects alone; the software supports you in this. You can see at a glance when work packages have been completed and new job items can be invoiced. projectfacts automatically takes into account different payment modes and invoicing rules. “This way, the accounting department knows immediately what can be invoiced to the customer,” Wahler notes.

Digital travel expense accounting is also particularly practical in this context. Especially for HR consulting companies like WAHLER Human Resources, the automatic recording and settlement of travel expenses saves a lot of time and effort.

Your digital HR control centre

The term “human resources” already suggests that personnel is a valuable resource. In this respect, the digital employee file in projectfacts is something like your “gold treasure”. It contains all relevant information about your employees:

  • Contact data
  • work and contract data
  • Hourly rates and salaries
  • Overtime and holiday accounts
  • Activity overviews

The digital employee file is thus your control centre for human resource management. From here you can manage a variety of typical HR processes online, for example personnel management (e.g. defining goals and incentives, QM measures) and personnel remuneration (commissions, bonuses and deductions, travel expenses).

A “digital home” for your staff

projectfacts also supports you in recruiting and personnel development. You can plan and schedule staff appraisals and provide them with assessments. In this way, for example, goal achievement meetings can be realised in an uncomplicated way. The system reminds you of staff appraisals that are due soon. In addition, you receive proof of all training and further education of your employees. You can store and view the corresponding protocols and certificates directly online.

Your employees also find a kind of “digital home” in projectfacts. No matter in which company they are located – whether in Berlin, Munich or Tokyo: projectfacts is available online everywhere. This way you can always stay in touch and share important documents centrally or individually – naturally in compliance with DSGVO.

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