Individual info in reports

19. September 2022

Compile reports individually

Reports are central for management accounting in your company. It is therefore all the more important that you find exactly the information you need there. In many software solutions, however, you can only choose from a set of standard reports. You have to search for the necessary information in several reports or you have to use Excel.

projectfacts takes a different approach. For typical questions there are already prefabricated reports available, which can also be extensively customized. A number of tools are available to you for this purpose:

  • Active columns: Add or delete columns in your reports. Change their order or group them into blocks.
  • Filters: determine which rows you want to see – for example, by time horizon or split by project or customer.
  • Custom fields: Add individual information that is not available as a system field. Custom fields can also be included in many reports.

New tool for your reports

With the fall release a new feature enters the projectfacts reporting world. Behind the internal name “replacement templates” hides a powerful tool, with which you can enrich lists and reports with your own information. In contrast to the previous options, replacement templates not only allow you to access already prefabricated data, but you can even compile them individually.

Project information

In this example we have added additional information about the project to the order accounting in projectfacts. This way, the employee responsible for accounting has important project information at a glance without having to switch to the project.

In the second example we add a column with accounting information to the project status analysis. This makes it easy to see the date of the last invoice and to compare the payment status with the current project progress.

Billing information

Of course, which additional information is useful and which is not depends on the specific case. Our consulting team will be happy to help you find a suitable solution for your requirements.

Test individual info

You would like to get your own impression of the information projectfacts can provide?
Then please contact us. You can get a free test account here.

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