Microsoft Single Sign-on mit Azure AD

13. December 2022

What is Microsoft Single Sign-on?

Single Sign-on (SSO) with Azure AD is a service from Microsoft that allows users to gain access to Microsoft apps, as well as cloud-based, on-premises and SaaS apps, with just one set of credentials. Your team members then only have to remember one password and enter credentials once as well.

What are the benefits of Single Sign-on?

In addition to faster and easier sign-on, SSO offers a number of other benefits:

  • Increased productivity: Make it easier for your team to access all the key apps in the Microsoft universe and beyond. Only one click is needed to get to the central sign-on screen.
  • More security: Centralized, single sign-on lets you avoid password overkill, minimizing security risk.
  • More IT efficiency: Centralized user management makes it easier to keep track of who has what access. Granting and revoking roles and rights is also easier.

How do I set up Microsoft Single Sign-on in projectfacts?

Note: Microsoft Single Sign-on is only available for projectfacts customers with standard or own hosting.

SSO login via Microsoft is also available via the central login screen. Microsoft Single Sign-on requires an active Microsoft 365 account. You can link this to projectfacts via the configuration. To do this, switch to the “General” area and select the “Interfaces” menu item. First, you have to grant projectfacts “Access to Microsoft Graph” via the corresponding button in the action box. Then assign your employees to the appropriate system users via “Assign Azure AD users”.

You can allow or force the use of SSO. In the former case, employees decide for themselves whether they want to use SSO. In the latter case, it is mandatory that all employees log in to the system using SSO, and the traditional login will no longer work.

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