Smart product workflows: Ordering and maintenance

20. June 2023

Intelligent processes for your product management

With projectfacts you can easily create products and add them to your documents. As a result, you benefit not only from versatile evaluation options, but also from extended possibilities for your order processing:

  • If desired, a maintenance item can be created automatically for an ordered product.
  • Create a new order for your products directly from the order or extend an existing one.
  • Move items from one order to another.

Maintenance items for products

In the service sector, it is often the case that products are sold that require care or maintenance during use at the customer’s site. projectfacts now offers a very convenient solution for this use case, which allows you to automatically generate and settle such maintenance items when ordering the corresponding product. Already in the article catalog you can specify whether a certain product should have an assigned maintenance item or not. This can then be added to the order with just a few clicks.

Generating a purchase order

Service providers often resell third-party products. It would be very practical if the order software could automatically recognize such products and generate the corresponding order. Exactly this can now be done with projectfacts. Simply specify in the article that a certain product triggers an order and which article should be ordered. You then have the option in the order to trigger a new order directly or to extend an existing one.

Move items to another order

In the case of service contracts with longer terms, it is not uncommon for additional items to be added to the associated order over time. To make it easier for you to keep track of this, you can now use projectfacts to passivate ordered items in the current order and transfer the item to an existing contract. The shift can be easily tracked with the help of a link from the old to the new position and you still have the full overview in an order.

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Header image: © KarinKarin – pixabay (2023)