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21. March 2023

Secure online signing with Skribble

Skribble is a Swiss-based provider of legally valid digital signatures. A signature with Skribble also ensures the authenticity of the declaration of intent. It is therefore suitable for sales contracts, annual financial statements or purchase orders.

Legal validity is ensured in the EU by the eIDAS Regulation and in Switzerland by the ZertES Act. They distinguish between three e-signature standards.

Companies benefit from several advantages through the e-signature with Skribble:

  • Faster contracting: Instead of printing documents and sending them by mail, all parties sign the contract in seconds online.
  • Work regardless of location: No matter where you or your contractual partners are located, with e-signature everyone sits at the same virtual conference table.
  • More security: With e-signature, you are on the safe side and do not have to rely on simple mail traffic or conventional digital signatures.


Simple electronic signature


Application examples

  • Offers, orders
  • Service contracts
  • Confidentiality declarations



  • Medium security
  • Identification by mail address
  • Declaration of will with one click


Advanced electronic signature


Application examples

  • Sales contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Patent contracts



  • High security
  • Identification by cell phone number
  • Declaration of will with mTAN


Qualified electronic signature


Application examples

  • Employment contracts
  • Rental contracts
  • Bank account opening



  • Maximum security
  • Identification in person or by video call
  • Declaration of will with password and mTAN
  • Equivalent to handwritten signature (EU, CH)

Skribble interface in projectfacts

PDF files in projectfacts can be digitally signed with Skribble. This is particularly practical for offers or timesheets. For this purpose, companies using Skribble receive the option to have the offer signed with Skribble directly in the document.

Simply specify via the mail address who should sign the document. If you wish, this can be more than one person. You can also select the desired standard (SES, AES, QES) and determine which legal basis should be used (eIDAS, ZertES).

If you release a document for signature in projectfacts, all persons from whom a signature is required will automatically receive a notification via Skribble. The authentication process then takes place via Skribble. Once everyone has signed, this is also reported back to projectfacts. You can also track the current status via an info box in the document.

The signed document can then be downloaded and is protected against further changes.

Cost and performance accounting with projectfacts

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