Self-organization with the task manager

13. December 2022

The task manager for office and home office

Self-organization is an important success factor for daily work. So that you don’t lose track of all the to-do lists and sticky notes, projectfacts offers the task manager.

Everything at a glance

With projectfacts as an all-in-one business software, you collect all pending tasks in the task manager. This saves you additional apps and jumping back and forth from application to application. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a work package in a project, an important mail or a note that’s due. You have everything at a glance. So no task gets lost anymore and everything gets done on time.

A central board

If you wish, you can control your tasks or those of your team via a central board. You can access it at any time via the task manager. You can see at a glance who is currently working on what. The task manager is therefore the ideal complement to hybrid project management, because it also shows the sprint log and the current sprint.

Integrated capacity planning

You can use the task manager as a simple tool for task overview or as a powerful tool for task control. For this purpose, work packages can be provided with planned times and integrated into capacity planning. Employees can use the task manager to see their respective work schedules. Supervisors can keep an eye on whether projects are on schedule and whether the available capacities are sufficient.

Try out projectfacts

If you would like to try out the task manager or other software features, please contact us. Our consulting team will be happy to support you with the setup.

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