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10. September 2021

Nomination for the Dev Insider Award 2021

projectfacts has been nominated for the Dev-Insider Award 2021 in the category Teamwork. You can still vote for the winners in the individual categories until the end of August. We would be happy if you join our satisfied customers and cast your vote for us.

Dev Insider Award 2021

We take the nomination as an opportunity to take a look at our tools in the area of teamwork and collaboration in projectfacts. As a customer, you probably already know and use many functions, but perhaps you will also discover one or two new inspirations that will make the work in your team easier in the future.

A team calendar for all occasions

Few things are as annoying as long appointments coordination in a team. With projectfacts we have created a simple solution for this, for which you do not have to resort to any additional tools such as Google Calendar and Co.

True to the motto “Everything in one system“, this also applies to the appointments of your colleagues thanks to the projectfacts team calendar. Of course, the calendar is ideally equipped for home office and distributed work, because it offers all the functions you expect from a fully-fledged online calendar.

Access it at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a working internet connection. You can create new appointments and invite team members in no time via the projectfacts web interface.

team calendar in projectfacts

However, the true strength of the projectfacts team calendar goes far beyond this. Thanks to the integrated approach within the system, you benefit from a whole range of other useful features for your teamwork:

  • Have current project phases or important project events such as milestones automatically displayed in the calendar.
  • Send appointment invitations not only internally, but also to external partners and customers.
  • Absence times (due to home office, external appointments, illness or holidays) are automatically transferred to the calendar.
  • Combine private and professional calendars and restrict the visibility of appointments individually.

Share and communicate via team chat

There are many chat tools on the market, some of them good, some not so good. With projectfacts you have a comprehensive chat function directly on board. No more switching back and forth between applications. No more long searches for a certain piece of information that got lost in some tool.

With projectfacts we think in processes – and digitalise the entire workflow. For example, if you have comprehensive support, the entire communication within the team can also be handled via our ticket system. Everything is documented for you in one central place, including emails, telephone calls and exchanged files.

For purely internal team communication you can use the projectfacts team chat. This way, informal exchange is simple and effective, even if your team is working thousands of kilometres away. Any number of groups can be formed, for individual locations, departments or the entire company. The system is easy to operate via PC or smartphone.

By integrating it into the entire system, you can send any elements within the software. These include, among others:

  • Tickets
  • Offers
  • Invoices
  • Wiki entries
  • and much more

The integrated file management saves you sending PDFs back and forth, which are then no longer editable. Instead, simply share the desired projectfacts item in your chat. This makes teamwork easy.

Your digital filing cabinet to go

You can simply upload incoming documents via drag & drop. Or alternatively, photograph them via the pfScan app. The text recognition then does the rest. Thanks to versioning and central file management, all documents always remain up-to-date and can be found centrally.

If you wish, you can also transfer your file structure from projectfacts to a drive. Then access it as usual via Windows Explorer or the macOS Finder. WebDAV makes it possible.

A comprehensive rights system allows you to set exactly which employees can view and edit which files. You can even manage documents together with your customers and partners. We will be happy to set up external access for you.

Internal forum for teamwork

If your team works in a distributed manner, the online forum is a kind of equivalent to the water cooler or the coffee kitchen. By allowing your employees to exchange ideas in groups, the internal forum promotes teamwork and informal knowledge transfer.

You are free to choose the structure of the forum, whether it is thematic or departmental. Any number of virtual places can be set up, which in turn can be freely filled with contributions. A comprehensive authorisation system ensures that your employees have exactly the access they need.

Many other features make the projectfacts forum a powerful collaboration tool:

  • Public and protected forums with moderator function
  • Public, secret and anonymous voting
  • Subscription, archive and observer function as well as notifications
  • Smarticons, images and file attachments

Hey, hey Wiki – always the right idea

Analogous to the cult TV series “Wicki”, the projectfacts Wiki always has a suitable idea waiting for you. You don’t even have to switch to the corresponding module. Just type your search term into the central search field and find what you are looking for, no matter whether the info is in a forum or in the wiki.

Thanks to the intelligent links, you will always find Wiki entries in the right place. A quantum leap for digital teamwork compared to traditional intranet solutions.

The projectfacts Wiki has all the functions you know from the great role model Wikipedia. An intuitive text editor helps to visually enhance texts without much effort. Versioning in the wiki also helps you with your work and employees are automatically informed about changes.

Internal Wiki projectfacts

Open dots as a digital sticky note

Small yellow sticky notes have always enjoyed great popularity – because they are simply practical. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have simply “digitalised” the idea of sticky notes. We call them Open Points.

However, Open Points can do a lot more than just stick them on a virtual wall. They collect your thoughts, open to-dos, ideas or notes on a project. In addition, you can assign various properties to open points, such as:

  • Priority
  • Due date
  • Status
  • Description
  • Files

Open points can be used both individually and in lists. This also makes them ideal for teamwork. You can assign open points directly to another employee and thus distribute spontaneous tasks in an uncomplicated way.

Digital teamwork – everything in one system thanks to projectfacts

The overriding goal of projectfacts also applies to teamwork: to digitally map business processes and thereby make them as efficient as possible. Smooth teamwork is of decisive importance. Nevertheless, in this article we could only show you a small excerpt of the manifold possibilities of our software. For an overview of other processes that you can digitise with projectfacts, take a look at our function overview.

Make your teamwork even more efficient

If you feel like trying out projectfacts, you can request a test account at any time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our support team.

Header image: © María Noel Rabuñal Cantero – unsplash.com (2021)