Vacation manager for capacities

20. September 2022

Vacation management with projectfacts

With the projectfacts enterprise software you can request, check and approve vacations. Granted vacation is automatically charged to the employee’s vacation account and entered into the team calendar. Colleagues and superiors can thus always see who is currently on site and who is not. Absences due to vacation are also automatically taken into account for capacity planning. The final approval of the vacation request is made by the HR department.


In companies that work on a project basis, HR employees must first request approval from the project managers before they can approve a vacation request. For this purpose, various approval steps can be added, e.g. by supervisors or project managers. A new option is to use special vacation managers for approval. They can be defined per capacity.

Vacation approval by capacity managers

Vacation managers are a practical solution for companies that work with capacity planning. When creating a capacity, you can directly specify who is responsible for it. If an employee requests leave, the associated check request is automatically sent to all vacation managers in whose capacities the employee is assigned in the relevant period. If one of the vacation managers consents the request, it is forwarded to the HR department, where final approval is given.


Vacation managers help reduce the burden on the HR department. HR employees do not have to first find out in which capacities the employee is assigned and then manually check with the individual capacity managers; instead, they are automatically notified when the consent has been given. In turn, capacity managers stay in the know when employees request leave and can take that into account for scheduling.

Set up approval process through vacation managers

To use the new checking process, you can make the “Vacation manager” field visible in the configuration under settings in “Projects” in the “Capacities” section. When creating new capacities, you now have the option of entering one or more vacation managers or you can change them in the master data for existing capacities.

You can set up the corresponding check process in the configuration for “Time tracking” via the “Checks” menu item. Use the plus symbol to add a new check and select “Vacation request” as source type. You can now make some further settings:

  • Categories: For which leave categories (e.g. recreational leave, overtime reduction) should the check take place?
  • Type: Is approval by the verifier necessary to approve the leave (validation) or is it sufficient to take note of the request?
  • Approver: Specify who may perform the review. For the process described above, select the “Vacation manager” option.
  • Condition: Optionally, enter conditions that must be met for a check to occur.

Learn about other leave management options

Want to implement leave approval by capacity managers in your company? Feel free to contact us, our consulting team will support you with the setup. If you are not yet using projectfacts, get access to a free trial account here.

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