projectfacts 6.7 – Planning for the future

4. January 2021

The projectfacts version 6.7 prepares you for the new year with new functions and improvements. What’s new and what’s important from 2021 as well as the complete changelog can be found here.

Our highlights

Income planning

With projectfacts 6.7, potential revenues can now be planned more precisely. Distribute your future revenues over a period of time, as well as to cost units and cost centres.

Important from 2021

Starting in the new year, various regulations and standards will change, which is why pf 6.7 brings, among other things

  • the ZUGFeRD 2 invoice format
  • the new authentication standard from Microsoft 365

Changelog for projectfacts version 6.7

New functions

  • Revenue planning
  • Invoices in ZUGFeRD 2 format


  • Projects can be provided with an additional total budget (booked time).
  • Booked times can be provided with an additional field “Number”, which is also available in reports and in the Excel export.
  • In document checks, the key account holder can now also be stored as a checker.
  • If desired, ticket escalation can take place immediately if an employee is on holiday or sick.
  • The layout can be switched to a touch-optimised mobile mode, for example to record times with a smartphone (BETA)
  • Tile view in capacity lists of projects deactivated
  • Modification of the progress of a milestone in steps of ten from 0 to 100%.
  • Filter label of open points changed from author to creator.
  • Staff list can be filtered by user groups
  • Project: in the dialogue “new subproject” a colour marker can now be set.
  • Superfluous views in analysis of sales opportunities deactivated
  • When booking time in a resource the linked ticket is now automatically appended
  • It is now possible to filter if holidays can be displayed in the attendance list
  • Ticket alerts by mail contain content of the latest task
  • Capacity analysis also shows an overview of remaining free capacities (per employee, monthly)
  • Remainder line added to each chart type
  • It is now possible to activate/deactivate designated lines for the chart type “Linechart”
  • Deletion of all completed board entries is now only done after confirmation
  • Report: Project selection in filter changed to PopupSelectList
  • CRM: Customers: Columns “Key Accounter” and sales potential can be exported
  • Statistics views for tickets improved. Remainder line and zero caption added
  • Attendance categories are displayed again
  • Layout/Theme selection revised
  • In the configuration the available layouts and colour themes can be limited
  • Capacity analysis colours cells where no work contract can be found for the combination of employee and date.
  • Comments of a sick note are now saved in the absence element instead of in the working day and can also be edited afterwards (e.g. when entering the note)
  • In the day detail manager you can now book planned capacities very easily
  • Under “My capacity planning” you can now easily book the planned capacities of previous days
  • Calendar shows less years and so there is no need to scroll for the next year
  • Board entries can be created as open points by action or multiple selection
  • Keyaccounter as checker in document checks
  • Additional number field when posting time
  • Payment method “Company” sets accounting type of employees to No
  • For labour costs in the project business card, resources, if available, are now shown separately and are no longer included in the displayed value.
  • Adjustment of employee combo box options, passive employees are shown as a separate group
  • The task overview can now be filtered by status
  • More flexibility in how capa conflicts are resolved when approving a leave request
  • Project times can now be filtered by billing customer
  • Permissions for financial documents can be set via multiple selection
  • Time recording stopwatch now shows matching type icon with state icon
  • Progress display for working day recalculations
  • API: Requests on /api/ticket can now be restricted with the new queryparameters owner and channel
  • From the end of January 2021: Support for Microsoft 365 email account authentication (OAuth2)

Bug fixes

  • Forum module view for current polls adjusted. Text is no longer cut off when a poll is voted on.
  • Quick filters in dropdowns are displayed in green as soon as they are active.
  • Active view filters are displayed correctly again
  • Problems with alarms for open items fixed (wrong data type)
  • The document dispatch subject is now correctly inserted into the ticket again
  • Recalculation of remaining daily capacities is now faster
  • Dynamic columns in boards work again
  • Categories in boards are displayed correctly again
  • Filters are now set again in the other list when it is called up via the “Magic Button”.
  • Copying calendar entries no longer opens the wrong calendar
  • Residual budget is displayed correctly again in the Project times list when divided by project
  • User groups in the chapter team are now correctly dissolved into employees in the shift plan.
  • The Missing Placeholders list in the layout is updated correctly
  • Copy calendar now also copies all data
  • Replacements Autoreply
  • Added missing DBItem for empty entry “Target value” under “My targets”
  • Adjustment of relative project alarms when changing plan start or end date
  • Split customer list when ABC analysis is activated
  • Authorisation for active column Capacities in projects now depends on the same right as Resources and no longer on financial rights
  • The selected contact type is no longer lost when generating elements through campaign transactions
  • Project assignment when sending invoices via ticket e-mail
  • Ticket email printing no longer creates a blank page at the end
  • Pictures copied from ticket tasks into a new ticket are now embedded correctly in the mail
  • When re-tagging or forwarding a mail, the embedded pictures were moved to the attachment if the standard mail template did not contain a placeholder for the original mail
  • Project description in financial documents (PDF) is replaced correctly again
  • We show the correct unbooked time under “My day” again
  • Working time categories that do not have to be booked no longer trigger a “Please enter times completely! warning anymore
  • The correct “from-date” is now displayed for holiday requests that span more than one year.
  • A manual check-in with start time is now also saved correctly.
  • The beginning of the week Sunday / Monday is now also taken into account in reports.
  • View for capacities
  • Dialogue for creating an invoice did not always show all options
  • Popup for text modules no longer covers the entire window invisibly (on mobile devices)
  • Linked element on a board no longer opens several detail managers
  • Permissions for CRM customer list adjusted. The permissions “May see CRM” and “May edit CRM” are now decisive for e.g. the turnover potential.


  • When “recycling” a leave request (Send-Storno-Edit-Send), the info “DaysNeeded” (“Leave account”) was not recalculated.
  • The summary “Now Billing” of the list “Order Billing” now shows the correct amount (here, partial and partial invoices were not taken into account)
  • Priority mapping of CRM activities under “My tasks” corrected
  • Holiday on half holidays was not entered ( -> no deduction from holiday account but also no holiday on this day)
  • Entering an apostrophe in certain field types led to errors
  • Multiple selection – deletion in My Capacities did not work
  • Better translation in the calendar “Other entries -> Attendance/Absence times
  • Rejected cancellations may be requested again
  • When saving an edited working time entry, it is ensured that the working time is not empty
  • Shifting holidays to a new date now clears up
  • No more holiday sun on public holidays but the holiday star
  • Timeline for appointment conflicts shows current appointment again, even if no conflicts exist
  • In earlier versions, those who are allowed to approve leave for others but not to apply for it, could unintentionally bend another person’s leave application to themselves.
  • The leave overview under the request list now only shows employees for whom leave can be approved
  • If the user can approve leave for more than 30 colleagues, the leave overview under the request list now only shows the requests
  • More flexibility in how capa conflicts are resolved when approving a leave request
  • Milestone selection for QM document input data now correctly respects the defined data filter
  • Adding of project members led to deletion of members (team)
  • Unnecessary attachment warning when sending mails defused
  • Capacity lists show the correct numbers in the column “Work schedule (future)” (also without column ‘Check status’)
  • The end date is now correctly determined for articles with settlement type according to duration and settlement duration not equal to 1 (e.g. 3 for quarterly)
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