projectfacts 6.8 – Under the influence of time tracking

17. March 2021

projectfacts version 6.8 is all about time recording. From now on, absences from work (e.g. due to a doctor’s visit) can be recorded according to Austrian specifications. Special forms of working time (e.g. driving times of drivers and co-drivers) can also be handled separately. A new traffic light system for your employees’ overtime accounts rounds off the package.

Our highlights

Recording and booking special working times

Sometimes you need special categories of working times that do not fall into the usual grid, e.g. for travel or doctor’s appointments. With projectfacts 6.8 you can create such time categories individually, tailored to your requirements.

The overtime traffic light

Overtime has become an indispensable part of the working world. It is therefore all the more important that both you and your employees can quickly and intuitively record the status of their hours account. The new overtime traffic light helps you to do this. It is a small but powerful tool that helps you to better control the deployment of your employees.

Changelog for projectfacts version 6.8

New functions

  • Overtime threshold possible at the turn of the year
  • Traffic light system for the status of the overtime account
  • Special working times such as doctor’s appointments and travel times can be mapped according to Austrian requirements
  • Planned capacities can now be booked conveniently, for example under the daily detail manager or “My capacity planning”.
  • New field type “Relation” for free fields



  • Optimised creation and maintenance of bookmarks
  • Automatic warning if the stopwatch is still running at check-out
  • Checks for attendance times
  • Price lists can be copied
  • Various new time format options for export
  • Board entries can now be moved
  • The report on “Billing items” now has dynamic columns
  • When adding a new appointment participant, an invitation can be sent at the same time
  • Status and owner of own ticket process can now be edited
  • Colleague sidebar displays current appointments
  • New configuration option “Visible on creation” for project and capacity fields
  • Travel expense reports can be archived via multiple selection
  • Menu overviews (menu tiles) of QM lists now show a summary of the status or QM type
  • Optimised search algorithms on the module main pages
  • Right-clicking on an element link opens the corresponding action menu (chocolate bar)
  • MS-OAuth support for Office365 mail accounts
  • EU foreign countries with VAT
  • Bank account and payment method for orders, quotations and receipts
  • Special markdown items for billing rules
  • Milestones can now be defined in sub-projects if they are not to have project-wide validity
  • New authorisation level for the visibility of QM documents

Other small improvements:

  • The sales opportunities list can now also display linked invoices as a column.
  • Improvements in placeholders for mail templates
  • New unit “Clients”
  • Improvement when copying offers
  • In the time booking dialogue, the remaining minimum break is deducted from the bookable time. This means that inconsistencies with subsequently deducted breaks no longer occur.
  • Notification of new tasks in the project task list
  • Excel report of attendance times also contains categories if desired. e.g. the overview in time tracking
  • Placeholders are also replaced in table fields
  • Navigation/filtering in the project selection list improved
  • In the report “Billing analysis” it is now possible to filter by document date or delivery date
  • In capacities, an assignment to a project can now be deleted via a list action.
  • Left area of all QM lists has been revised and extended with options for status, type and implementation status
  • Excel reports do not open a new tab before starting the download
  • PDF reports now have the name of the layout as the file name.
  • Scheduling of attendance/absence times now automatically limits the duration in case of holidays or holidays
  • The lists Organisations, Prospects, Customers and Suppliers have been extended by the active column “Keyaccounter” including filters
  • Multiple selection can be used to assign several blocked contacts to a campaign
  • In the report Project Times the columns Creation Date, Modification Date and “Checked Time (internal/external)” have been added and made exportable
  • Sender filter for mail accounts now allows more than 255 characters
  • Attendance export has been added
  • Datev export by template
  • Booking key and standard matching for Datev export

Bug fixes

  • In the project detail manager, each sub-role is now also filled for “To do” if it is to be displayed.
  • Cancellations with percentage positions are calculated correctly again
  • External hourly rate is calculated again in the project frame conditions
  • External editor of tickets works again
  • When creating a project from a template, the alarm is now also copied as “active”.
  • Groups in the ticket list are displayed correctly again
  • Capacity comments can be saved again
  • In document items, the description and number can be edited again via a list action.
  • Import within a price list
  • Half days of leave are no longer displayed as whole days of leave in the calendar and in the colleague overview.
  • Pre-settings of the employee regarding the handling of capacity conflicts are now taken over for holiday requests.
  • Visibility of project roles in the project structure view standardised
  • Project links to non-visible projects are now also no longer visible
  • In a project, it is now possible to filter by milestones again.
  • Number values of the summary in sales opportunities corrected
  • Appointment invitations are displayed correctly in the ticket system again
  • Module search for organisations now also finds the official name (name for address)
  • Authorisation for personal pinboard is now also checked in the main menu (My Pinboard)
  • Alarm lists in detail managers could not be called up in some cases
  • Scrolling via the quick filters in the overtime and leave report works again
  • Parts of the list division labels are no longer cut off unnecessarily
  • Holiday requests must be cancelled before they are deleted (otherwise there was an error message)
  • The capacity analysis in week or day view now also correctly displays planning that was only carried out for some months on a monthly basis
  • The action Day Detail Manager is now also visible if only sickness types are defined (i.e. also without further attendance/absence categories)
  • In the list of colour markers in the configuration, all bookmarks can be deleted
  • In the configuration, fields are no longer displayed twice in the employee attribute list.
  • Deletion period for contacts is now updated when creating a new ticket process
  • Search results in the module search are no longer shown twice in the first tab
  • The project analysis did not take the date filter into account in the summary
  • General break calculation and recalculation when deleting attendance blocks
  • Correction of negatively calculated breaks
  • The letter salutation in campaign mails is now replaced correctly, if necessary with the value stored in the master data
  • Import of leave requests now also works with the new attendance categories
  • Free fields in the contact creation dialogue are no longer displayed twice
  • Editing of sickness entries in HR now works correctly
  • If the user can approve leave for more than 30 colleagues, the leave overview under the request list now only shows the requests
  • SLA mail text replacement in Autoreply
  • New appraisal interviews can be created in HR again
  • Check setting “Project role” for documents now works correctly
  • No more unnecessary messages for deactivated checks
  • Fixed caching problem that could cause checks with conditions not to open
  • No more access to the settlement item of a project via the master data in case of missing authorisations
  • Cumulation in project time lists now totals all values
  • Output of the leave type via the REST API is now possible again
  • “Today” of the user instead of “Today” of the server is now marked in capacity planning and is the default date when booking time
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