Application-specific menus and dashboards

16. September 2022

Customized user interface

With the projectfacts ERP system you build your business software the way you need it. Compose menu items as you like and name them freely according to your wishes. Even tiles can be designed individually. This allows you to create meaningful dashboards and optimize the menu structure for your processes.

You can find more about the individualization options in projectfacts in this article:

Individual menus for different applications

With the new projectfacts version you can set up multiple menus. Create different menus for different use cases. This allows you to map company processes even better and align the menu entirely with the workflows of your employees.

For example, a menu for your sales department might look like this.

mainmenue example

Your Project Management Office (PMO), on the other hand, might work with the following menu.

mainmenue example

New menus can be created quickly and easily and assigned to the desired employees.

Application-specific or company-wide dashboards

The dashboard – i.e. the start page for projectfacts users – can also be customized on an application-specific or company-wide basis. For example, create a standard dashboard with all the important info. The tiles you select for it are then visible by default to all registered employees and cannot be accidentally deleted.

Employees can customize the sorting, change the size or color of tiles, or add their own tiles if they wish. In any case, they won’t miss anything important, because dashboard content will always remain visible.


Create and assign menus and dashboards

You can create application-specific menus and dashboards in the same way as you would create a company-wide menu. To do this, go to the “General” section in the configuration. Under the “Menus” tab, you will find an overview of all the menus and dashboards you have created so far. Use the plus symbol to add a new menu. You can give it any name you want and add the menu items and tiles you want in the next step.

Once you have completed the menu, you can assign it to one or more employees via the user list in the configuration. Alternatively, you can share the menu with individual employees via the “User account” tab in the HR module.

Test application-specific menus and dashboards

Our consulting team will be happy to assist you with the setup. Just contact us directly.

If you are not currently using projectfacts, you can get access to a free and non-binding test account here.

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