projectfacts 2022.2

22. June 2022

projectfacts supports Hybrid Work

Since a few years more and more companies rely on Hybrid Work. Thereby a part of the team works in the office and another part in the home office. For this form of collaboration projectfacts now offers a new system for workplace planning (beta). Companies determine which workstations and which parking spaces are available, employees then book what they need. This is what modern teamwork looks like!

All other innovations and improvements can be found in this changelog.

Our highlights

Workplace planning (beta)

With the new workplace planning, companies organize the flexible collaboration of the future. Employees book the desks and parking spaces they need in advance (desk sharing). Colleagues can see at any time who is currently working where and which workstations are still free.

Extended billing options with rule articles

With projectfacts 2022.2 you profit from completely new possibilities to invoice order items. Even times that are not marked as billable can now be documented and billed with the activity record. Use it, for example, to account for travel expenses or copying flat rates.

Changelog 2022.2


  • Workstation planning system (beta)
  • New accounting options with rule articles (e.g. for travel expense flat rates)


  • The user interface can be operated more smoothly.
  • Table headings remain when scrolling.
  • New analysis options in document lists via free fields, KPIs and new dynamic columns (items by group, product, product type or business area).
  • In capacity analysis, projects with employees in specific project roles can now be filtered.
  • Multiple analysis reports can now present an additional summary block when split (capacity analysis, project time analysis, sales opportunity analysis).
  • Bookable column in the project time template list now also shows the reason when a template is no longer bookable.
  • Menu notification about boards contain more information. When clicking on it, the affected board is highlighted on the board.
  • Various improvements in CRM operations. Fields are now prefilled more intelligently.
  • CC is now displayed in the original message when forwarding tickets.
  • Now the 199 newest menu notifications are loaded and displayed.
  • Percentage price changes for areas of a a record are now possible.
  • “My goals” now shows KPI columns belonging to the employee.
  • New active columns for project cost, billable amount and employee reimbursement in the cost list. The cost list now shows the billable amount instead of the relevant amount.
  • Active “Planning” column in project lists.
  • New board settings for taking over properties from linked work packages and open items.
  • New action: Create planning from project.
  • Planning items have been extended with comment and group.
  • Appointments now have a file tab.
  • New show option for record groups in financial analysis.
  • Display of project path in time matrix improved.
  • Sales opportunities can be created directly from a ticket.
  • Active column and filter for external owners in ticket and ticket event lists.
  • From/to values of an appointment are transferred to the corresponding fields of the time booking.
  • Organization and project lists now have filters for the CRM contact and the name of special contacts.
  • Contract time and times for vacation and sick leave are now displayed in the status box in “My Day”.
  • Capacities can now be filtered by manager.
  • CRM operations: From-To filters for the follow-up date have been added.
  • Login error messages for external access give more detailed information if the ext. access has been deactivated or if the ext. access has been deactivated for this one contact.
  • Project time report now also with filter for timesheet approval.
  • Free fields of type Date with search type “Standard” now provide a from-to filter.
  • It is now possible to comfortably create a work package from a board entry.
  • In addition to the previous reference document, further documents supporting the invoice can be specified, which are also included in the ZUGFeRD/XInvoice.
  • Multiple articles can be added to a record at the same time.
  • Bookmarks now also restore the sort order as saved.
  • Moving projects is now possible via “All actions”.
  • Ticket actions can be hidden.
  • Completed board items no longer display a due date.
  • For order items, a warning or note is now displayed in the edit dialog to indicate whether something has already been billed.
  • Price adjustments via multiple selection in price lists can be enforced in all orders.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problems with billing rules and misconfiguration warnings.
  • Fixed problems with the invoice management Excel report.
  • The Due Date column in Open Items shows progress again as well.
  • With certain configuration settings, there were problems with the project time stopwatch if the duration was less than one minute.
  • The predecessor / successor relationship is now correctly displayed for project links.
  • Project filters now affect project links correctly.
  • Status changes in sales opportunities now correctly display the current value.
  • Active columns in the Billing Line Items report retain the correct order.
  • Internal Messages in draft can now be sent again.
  • Fix for employee filters in the Working Hours report.
  • Creating Public Pages via bookmarks works again.
  • „Processed yesterday“ now filters tickets correctly.
  • Forum polls with files now display the correct label.
  • Splitting work packages tiles with multiple editors by editor fixed.
  • The keyword input field for text modules works again.
  • Detail manager stack was not reset in certain situations.
  • Incoming invoices could not be created if a reference document was already selected in the first dialog.
  • Recently used items can now be dragged from the docked sidebar back to the bookmark area of the menu.
  • No more fixed filter for “main projects only” in project list in the detail manager of the project directory.
  • Access to leave request is granted the substitute for that leave or if there is an open check to complete, regardless of the status of the leave request.
  • Invoices with cancellations and reversals now also allow an incoming payment.
  • Project roles are also displayed for project links.
  • When changing the price of a range with a fixed value, the list display updates correctly.
  • Variances to the order and to the project” in the Post calculation report are displayed correctly again.
  • The correct active columns for the employee overview are now suggested in the configuration.
  • Fixed an error when booking project times > 1 year on a single day.
  • If in an invoice the reference document is exchanged with a file of the same name, the preview now updates.
  • Dashboard widget selection hides options for which the user is not authorized.
  • Multiple selection “Delete” in the detailed planning list works again.
  • VCard download now always has a file extension.
  • Project capacity is now pre-filtered in the Deployment Planning tab of the Project Detail Manager.

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