projectfacts 2023.1

21. March 2023

Highlights of the new projectfacts version

Skribble stands for legally valid digital signatures. From now on you can also sign PDF documents online with Skribble in projectfacts. Fast, easy and secure. Extended possibilities for cost and activity accounting allow you to assign cost types, cost centers and cost objects automatically and rule-based.

All other new features and improvements can be found in this changelog.

Our highlights

Skribble interface

Thanks to the Skribble interface, your contractual partners sign documents in projectfacts quickly, easily and legally valid. This is particularly practical for offers. Users are given the option to have the offer signed with Skribble directly in the document. The result: faster contract conclusions and more security thanks to e-signature.

Advanced Cost & Performance Accounting

The cost and performance accounting is a helpful controlling tool. With the new version all profit-relevant elements in projectfacts have been extended so that cost type, cost center and cost unit can be assigned rule-based and flexible. The new mechanism simplifies accounting and offers improved analyses.

Changelog 2023.1

To note:

  • ZUGFeRD versions smaller than 2.2 are no longer supported


  • Cost and performance accounting with cost centers, cost units and cost types for detailed recording and analysis of project times, bookings, invoices and costs.
  • Connection to Skribble (digitally sign documents).

Improvements and new features

  • Many small changes to capacity planning make it easier to use. More intuitive labels to distinguish monthly targets and tag/week/month planning.
  • A scrum planning dialog simplifies the operation of agile project management.
  • Capacity planning on a weekly and monthly basis has been simplified.
  • In many modules, the multiple selection function “Master Data…” has been extended and Free Fields added.
  • The use of cost centers, cost objects and cost elements has been greatly revised. They are now real elements, the assignment is done by configurable rules.
  • The additional rows function for reports split by employee is now also available in the area-and-field analysis and the project time analysis.
  • The custom fields of the KPI type can now also aggregate project times on a daily basis.
  • Ticket system: The selection for hiding tasks and visibility in External Access has been combined. The hiding of tasks is configurable and even allows the hiding of new tasks if desired. The Hidden/Visible property in External Access is signaled by an icon overlay.
  • The stopwatch can now be started from the sidebar (plus icon).
  • Additional report lines” for employees now include vacation and sick time broken down by category.
  • Employees and administration now get better information about the planned reduction of flextime (dynamic column in employee lists and extension of the personal time account overview).
  • HR Overtime can now display the flextime value in each date column.
  • The API can now be used to download file contents, even if only the file version ID is known (/api/file/data/1234).
  • The API can now be used to access custom fields of documents (writable only for documents in draft).
  • Document lists now offer filtering by dunning level.
  • Organization lists now offer individual columns for street/number, city, postal code, state and country.
  • When copying tickets, the SLA is now applied.
  • Sick notifications now trigger menu notifications for HR (and other authorized groups).
  • The travel expense report list initially hides settled travel expenses.
  • Invoice layouts can now access data from the underlying quote.
  • For commitment items that should only be settled for a specific status: The project basis for checking is the assigned subproject. If no project is explicitly assigned, the assigned project is taken for booked times and otherwise the main project.

Bug fixes

  • The incorrect color marking in the global search has been fixed.
  • The “Active columns – time recording/project times” configuration is now also applied in the project detail manager.
  • Project Capacity Sync: If a user group occurs more than once in the project hierarchy, it is prevented from removing one of the user groups during synchronization into the project.
  • The check-in caused confusing user access change details in some cases.
  • Vacation requests “over” sick days can now be rejected without an error message.
  • The “Position” field is only visible when creating a contact and in contact lists if it is activated in the configuration.
  • The export of the employee overview now correctly offers the selection of the duration format for the column “Key figures”.
  • Fixed issues with replacement fields in the email footer when sending receipts.
  • The project filter was not applied correctly in the ticket list of subprojects.
  • When synchronizing open items with teamSync, the assignment to the list was lost.
  • When splitting by workers in the Scrum module, too many workers were displayed.
  • Problems with importing users fixed.
  • Display of percentages in the totals line of Excel exports corrected.
  • The master data of organizations can now be saved without a main contact.
  • Contacts can now be created without organization assignment.
  • Access checks for bookings checked unnecessary aspects.
  • Various problems with print views fixed.
  • “My pinboard” can be closed via the “x” again.
  • Bug fixes in Excel export of campaign transactions.
  • Pinboards are no longer empty when opened via the top pinboard entries box.
  • Clicking on created URLs in the Top Pinboard Items box now redirects correctly.
  • Name and description are again correctly applied during capacity import.
  • Administrative changes to other users’ settings are now applied immediately.
  • Permission changes for user switching now take effect immediately after a session restart.
  • Tester welcome message can now be clicked away in the first 30 seconds.
  • Tester help button is now also displayed together with system messages.
  • Task manager” label now correctly displayed in footer and permission configuration.
  • Splitting project timesheets by contractor now works.
  • API Free fields of contact resource are now saved.
  • There was a dynamic supplier categories column, but it was not selectable.
  • Periods of time when editing project or attendance times are allowed are now no longer cached in the session (problems when switching users).
  • Public Pages sometimes did not work when “stars” are set as priority format.
  • Leave account change dialog now accurately displays account balance (this is important when employees leave to round in the “right direction” (depending on state laws)).
  • Overtime: The flextime value is up to date on a daily basis even when not working with monthly thresholds. The overtime value is now also up to date in December, even if an annual threshold is present (Previously, the November value was displayed all the time). In case of monthly thresholds, the overtime value remains in principle at the value of the previous month until the rules are applied at the end of the month.
  • Whether the “PerformanceBudget” is “active” was not output correctly via the API.
  • “Bill to last month” is working again and has been renamed to “Bill to end of last month”.
  • Fixed rounding issues in the “Contract time” employee metric.
  • Contact information is now correctly pre-filled when copying receipts.
  • Automatic replies of the ticket system used the wrong date format.
  • Percentage for cash discount in XInvoice corrected.

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