projectfacts 6.6 – Organization and examination of presence & absence time

20. October 2020

The projectfacts version 6.6 focuses this time on the planning of attendances and absences, for example due to vocational school or parental leave. You can also document your projects better in the future. Which new functions are still available and what we have improved, you can read here:

Our highlights

Plan attendances and absences

With projectfacts 6.6, absence times can now be displayed and defined even more precisely and in more detail. You can now see at a glance, for example, when the trainee is at vocational school or how long the colleague is still on parental leave.

Absences in the "My colleagues" tile

Leave applications to be checked by several instances

In large companies it is essential that all responsible persons are involved in the holiday permit process. Therefore it is now possible in projectfacts to check holiday applications e.g. in advance by affected project managers before they are submitted for approval. How to set up and use them, you can find out here.

Changelog for projectfacts Version 6.6

New functions

  • Presence and absence categories can now be configured (holiday types, travel time, training, …)
  • The employee list can display and filter costs per period
  • Alarms can now be set for changes to the project status
  • It is now possible to store several break regulations
  • Filter capacity planning – Show employees with planning problems
  • Progress analysis extended by plan changes
  • Multi-level holiday permit via examinations


  • Vacation applications now supported two separate applications per day
  • My projects have a simpler default view and project tiles show a description
  • It is now possible to summarise absences, holidays and illnesses in a calendar.
  • Commitment position lists can now be split up.
  • New type “Formatted text” for free fields
  • The task overview can now display all open tickets, work packages,… for a specific organisation
  • “My tasks” can now also be divided according to colour marking
  • “My Tasks” supports Drag&Drop for priority for many element types
  • “My tasks” now also shows tickets with external responsibility
  • “My Tasks” hides status columns that are not accessible due to current authorisations
  • The admin layout list has been modernised and has become divisible
  • The admin voucher list has been split additionally
  • Warning if an element is already being edited by another user
  • It is now possible to copy an appointment
  • Additional competence categories can now be defined below professional/linguistic and social competence.
  • Dialogue error messages are now displayed more clearly
  • The subject of the ticket shows links in the text more clearly
  • It is now possible to divide capacities by main project and project type
  • A user group can now be specified as a test condition
  • New process dialogue and list for progress elements in projects
  • The view of the holiday application list has been improved
  • Selection fields of filters have been standardised
  • Team views in calendar and capacities show non-working days/holidays
  • The subject and content when switching from process to email is regenerated for the email
  • Sorting value for user groups added
  • Used template for documents is displayed in history
  • Costs that are to be invoiced according to the price list show in the invoice detail manager instead of the note “-pricelist-” the amount matching the price list of the invoice.
  • In document lists the description can now be selected as “Active column”, searched for and exported
  • It is now possible to format the project description
  • Even small thumbnails of photographs are now rotated correctly if necessary (photograph user picture with the iPhone)
  • The list of employees can now also show the contact’s addresses
  • New setting for default recipient for tickets at ‘All replies’
  • Secretary for timesheets
  • Archiving wiki pages
  • Completely planned cells in the month and week display in capacity planning now have a tick
  • Editing the VAT rate of a line item in admin mode, if you are allowed to edit items is now possible
  • VAT reduction from 19 to 16 percent: matching of different revenue accounts (VAT) and creation of a BU field (VAT) for DATEV export
  • Individual accounts export adjusted due to VAT matching
  • New mode for automatic VAT Calculation according to rules for Germany 2nd half of 2020
  • The automatic VAT adjustment only affects offers, contracts and invoices
  • VAT adjustment can be limited to price lists
  • In the capacity analysis, it is now possible to break down by main project

Bug fixes

  • Planned revenue is correctly cumulated again
  • The configurable standard distribution in time lists is now correctly applied again
  • The legend of the “My colleagues” view is no longer lost
  • The error that the light bulb of a time booking description disappears when changing projects has been fixed
  • Reset work entries via multiple selection works again
  • In the billing analysis it is again possible to display the appropriate billing items for the distribution
  • At check-in/out the working day is updated again
  • Automatic VAT calculation
  • Working days that are completely planned with capacities are now marked with a tick
  • There is no longer an error when moving a capacity
  • Delete capacities works again
  • KPI analysis can now also analyse areas
  • When copying a final invoice to a job, the items are no longer copied as final invoices
  • The bug that some lists’ titles were not displayed completely was fixed
  • The bug that data could not be loaded in free fields of type number, date or formattable text was fixed
  • Saving and closing in a PopOut dialogue no longer leads to a “Do you really want to leave this page” message
  • Project status selection no longer shows “Workflowonly” statuses when no workflow is set
  • Mail campaigns use the e-mail name from the mail account again
  • Popup dialogs in which the size of the content can change now fit correctly
  • Ticket alerts are sent even if the ticket has no owner
  • Copying of QM documents is possible again
  • The scroll position is now correctly restored – e.g. when deleting items in documents
  • Mail preview of e.g. tickets was in rare cases not adapted to the screen size
  • Employee Import now saves all free types
  • The name of the file folder of cost documents may not have been generated correctly
  • Sales opportunity selection is no longer displayed if the user has no access to sales opportunities
  • Holiday is now taken into account in capacity planning
  • Notifications in the Forum and News may not have been sent to everyone
  • The API fields “billingAddress” and “visitorAddress” of the organisation can now be changed via the API
  • Creating tickets via an external access now triggers alarms stored in the ticket channel as intended


  • Elements can now also be dragged into empty boards
  • Empty boards no longer show invisible columns
  • After editing the “Subject of the ticket” in the history view, the view now updates correctly
  • HR staff meetings: files are now correctly tagged and displayed in the “Assigned HR documents” list
  • Editing time booking templates no longer changes the date of the “My Day” view
  • Status breakdown of “My tasks” is now better sorted
  • The preview of a manually checked milestone is now displayed correctly
  • When creating a project, changing a reference date no longer discards all entries made
  • Duplication of contact fields via the “Apply” button has been fixed
  • The bug that Drag&Drop in split tile view loses the corresponding value if this size cannot be edited has been fixed.
  • Conflict check of participants in appointments could cause errors if participants were entered manually with name or e-mail
  • The bug that the filter dialogue of selection lists (three-point widget) sometimes got behind the popup was fixed
  • Job costing works even if there are no items
  • The replacement of free fields now works as planned
  • The bug that saving favourites was sometimes not possible was fixed
  • The bug that loading bars were not always displayed correctly in the module search was fixed
  • Fixed problem with time zones when generating PDF
  • Open items in the task overview can now be moved to another status
  • Fixed display problems of the task overview
  • Failed campaign emails no longer generate CRM processes marked as completed
  • Sorting in the task overview no longer creates an invalid priority of 0
  • Main contact mail without contact ID is added again at “All replies
  • The contact selection for SMS sending works again
Header picture: © Lukas Bato – (2020)