projectfacts 6.9 – Optimise your sales processes

22. June 2021

projectfacts Release 6.9 is dedicated to your sales. It offers completely new workflows with which you can optimise your sales processes. You can find more about this and all other important innovations in our changelog.

Our Highlights

Sales management

How can sales be efficiently managed digitally? Find out in this article how you can optimise your sales processes with the projectfacts software. Helpful tips and tricks as well as new features of version 6.9 will help you.

Record times & costs for sales opportunities

Sales work is often tedious and expensive. This makes it all the more important to keep track of working hours and costs incurred as a result of sales work. This is the only way to distinguish profitable from unprofitable prospects. With projectfacts 6.9 you raise your sales controlling to a new level.

Changelog for projectfacts version 6.9

New functions

  • The sales module has been extended by numerous functions and better linked with other modules (time recording, projects, …).
  • An employee profile in Word format shows the CV and skills of an employee.
  • Backlink lists for projects, organisations, contacts, tickets, QM documents and sales opportunities.
  • New report: working time details.
  • projectfacts is now even easier to install on smartphones and desktop.
  • The financial export now supports the DATEV format.


  • The view on mobile devices has been greatly improved.
  • The quick search in element fields (selection of project, organisation, …) now also uses the improved sorting of search results.
  • A new filter has been added in invoice management to show all invoices.
  • New active columns “Category” and “Group” In the Project Overview list and in the Project Structure Overview. In addition, the group is also displayed in the column “Details”.
  • New active column “Customer number” in project overview, contact list, and in several tabs under the Finance module.
  • New active column “Contractor number” in several tabs under the Finance module.
  • New active columns “Client number” and “Client categories” in the reports Project times and Project status analysis.
  • New active columns “Project status” and “Last change of project status” in the tab “My open items”.
  • New filters “Customer category”, “Sales aspects”, “Sales area” and “Contractor numbers” under the Finance module.
  • In the HR module under Sick days, there is now the global action “New certificate”, with which a period of sickness can also be partially excused.
  • For the right to delete a project, a project participant now needs access to the framework data, master data and the employee classification.
  • Revision of the employee profile, the assignment of competences, education (new) and work experience.
  • In the master data of the sales opportunities, the organisation and the relevancies are now automatically set when the contact is changed.
  • Automatic filling of the customer when selecting the project in the QM document if no contact person is available.
  • In sales opportunities there is a new tab “Costs”. If new costs are created from a sales opportunity, the fields “Sales opportunity” and “Customer” are automatically pre-filled.
  • Costs have been added to the “Recently edited elements” of the sales opportunity overview.
  • Filtering on sales opportunities is now possible in cost lists.
  • In the cost list of a sales opportunity, a summary box for costs of this sales opportunity appears. The total costs are listed here by project.
  • Cost lists have a new action “Master data” in the multiple selection. Data, such as description, assignments (sales opportunity), can be changed for selected lines.
  • If an order has an associated sales opportunity with costs, these costs can be transferred with the action “new project”.
  • In projects, there is a new tab “Sales opportunities” under the activities. If there is a main order with a sales opportunity in the project, this sales opportunity is listed on the left under the project information.
  • Booking times on sales opportunities is now possible. The sales opportunity has a new tab “Times”.
  • Times have been added to the “Recently edited elements” of the sales opportunity overview.
  • The client now has a default project that can be set via the configuration. Sales opportunities that do not have a project are assigned this standard project, on which times can then be booked in advance.
  • In project lists, times can be divided according to sales opportunities.
  • If times are booked from a sales opportunity, the description text for the “Book new time” dialogue can be automatically pre-filled. This description text can be set in the configuration under CRM in the settings.
  • The project time lists have a new action “Master data…” in the multiple selection. Data, such as description, assignments (ticket, sales opportunity, contact), can be changed for selected lines.
  • In the colleague filter for My Colleague List, it is now also possible to filter by user groups that the user is allowed to see.
  • In project lists, the columns with order information can now be selected individually.
  • New column Project type added in Project.
  • Free fields of the linked organisation are now also available in contact/document and ticket lists.
  • The password for an external access can now be generated automatically.
  • When splitting (copying) ticket tasks, attachments and formatting are now copied as well.
  • When using overtime thresholds and overtime limits, the working time summary now shows the current day’s balance (before rules) in a tooltip in addition to the account balance (after rules).
  • The colleague list shows the substitute for absent colleagues.
  • Holiday preview shows substitutes.
  • The dialogue for booking time now offers DeepL access to the personal top 10 projects.
  • Multiple selection of items in the calendar and tile views is displayed better.
  • Pop-up messages can now also be reset for 4h.
  • More convenient view control directly via the selection icons.
  • The overall overtime limit can already be enforced when booking (instead of only at the end of the month. Configuration setting).
  • Schedulability of attendance/absence times can now be restricted to individual days.
  • Sales opportunities and the status of a sales opportunity extended by several fields.
  • The costs and times of a sales opportunity are displayed in the preview.
  • New columns, filters and splits for sales opportunity lists.
  • Sales funnels can define the origins and products relevant to them.
  • A formula for calculating the target value can be defined in sales funnels.
  • The admin project list can now also import new sub-projects/work packages structurally.
  • Match attendance time/project time for month-end closings. Timesheet requires validated monthly closing.
  • The reference document is also transferred to the ZUGFeRD XML for ZUGFeRD invoices.
  • Free fields of type Relation are displayed correctly in the service note and are clickable.
  • XML for the XInvoice is generated separately and can thus be sent independently even without the PDF invoice.
  • Resources created from a project also include the project ID in the description.
  • Display of the leave type(s) in workday lists, e.g. time recording – overview.
  • Time release via timesheet in the Capacity Analysis and Project Time Analysis report.
  • Detailed information on the goods/service recipient for ZUGFeRD.
  • Final invoice with zero items for payment rules.
  • Documents export individual: S-H change of negative turnovers can now be ignored.
  • Billing analysis improved by new customers, cancellations and splitting by key account.
  • Billing analysis: Branch, size and type included in the details.

Bug fixes

  • In the capacity lists, the user pictures are displayed instead of the contact pictures.
  • Bookmarks to pinboards can be created again.
  • Daily serial appointments are now displayed in the time recording under My Day in the box “Today’s appointments”.
  • Exports in the report “Working time analysis” and in the list “Working days” can now be created in different times again (minutes, hours, days).
  • Expanded tabs for tickets with pictures attached remain in their status when switching tabs.
  • Employees can edit sickness messages in their working day, as long as they are not certified.
  • Creating and deleting own sick days is now subject to the same right. The user no longer needs the right “Delete attendance time blocks” for this.
  • Overlapping of the preview cards in the assignment in the “Book time” dialogue has been fixed. Icons of the entities in the assignment are now also shown and hidden dynamically.
  • Competence list in the configuration area can now be sorted by type, competence and category.
  • The fields “Capacity” and “Agent” are now automatically filled in under “My capacity planning”.
  • Under Ticket overview, the time since the last action is now displayed in the “Details” view in the column “Last action” and no longer the age of the ticket.
  • Permissions for public pages and wiki pages adjusted. Editing or deleting a page is now subject to the designated permission.
  • Project ID is no longer copied from a template when creating a project, but is regenerated. Work packages are copied from a template as expected.
  • Capacity planning can only be accessed from capacity analysis (list action) if the user has the right required for this.
  • Authorisation adapted: It is now possible to create documents from an order for which the user has the right to create them.
  • The old status comment of a project was loaded with a wrong format when editing the status.
  • Preferred contact fields (email, address and phone) could not be edited via the Excel import.
  • Editing a ticket task no longer stops the SLA.
  • Synchronisation of contacts with macOS Big Sur works again.
  • Check-In/Out via Footer still works after a session loss.
  • The holiday surcharge for the monthly statement was incorrectly preset.
  • Display of series appointments from a time zone with DST in a user account without DST leads to wrong times during summer if the series started in winter.
  • Selected items in a multiple selection are still shown as selected after scrolling the page.
  • Own sick leave was not displayed in capacity planning.
  • When creating an invoice, the assignments for ticket, capacities and sales relevance are now transferred from the order to the master data of the invoice.
  • Replacing placeholders with long text no longer triggers an error.
  • When copying QM layouts, input fields are now also copied.
  • When creating a resource plan in an appointment, the selected project is transferred and entered correctly.
  • All appointments are visible again when creating a board entry.
  • Milestones in the selection list now have the correct icon.
  • The external time field is now displayed when creating and editing timebook templates.
  • In the report “Working time details” the date filters work again.
  • View setting in project list now works again for the tickets column.
  • The history analysis of a project now shows cancellations correctly.
  • The “Planning” filter in Finance->Planning->Detail Planning is now set correctly.
  • Tick removed from “My day” if no attendance categories are available.
  • Recalculation of calculated costs even after deleting hourly rate entries in HR.
  • When splitting the capacity analysis by employee, the detail lines per employee (sickness, holiday, etc.) are now correctly filled with dataWhen importing project times, the affected projects are now costed accordingly.
  • Items for order templates are displayed again in the preview.
  • Billing analysis: New business now also calculates cancellations.


  • Changing the public holiday calendar could lead to an error (so that it had to be saved a second time).
  • Project links now also show the content of free fields.
  • Day limit did not work in certain situations.
  • Project links can be edited again.
  • Some changes so that times that are not relevant to time accounts no longer appear in totals or are listed as “to be posted”.
  • Attendance notes in colleague selection fields now show holidays and planned check outs correctly.
  • Duplicate sickness entries that led to implausible displays have been corrected.
  • Moving of Kapas possible again – only to defuse.
  • For absences in the sidebar, the permissions are now taken into account, e.g. instead of “holiday” only “absent”.
  • Project description is transferred correctly (plain) to the QM document.
  • Break deduction in the status box under “My day”.
  • Report “Working time analysis” takes residual leave from the previous year.
  • Project filter is correctly transferred from the report “Project time analysis” to the report “Project times” when clicking on a line.
  • Bookmarks for the HR employee list also work with the dynamic cost filters.
  • Deferred validation checks must also prevent a validate of the entity.
  • No more pointless alarms for the past after editing a serial appointment.

Header image: © Anne Nygård – (2021)