projectfacts 2022

23. March 2022

Flexibility on a new level

As an all-in-one system, projectfacts thrives on networking – between company divisions, employees and departments. To convey this idea even more clearly in the software, we have fundamentally revised the user experience and added new functions.

  • Discover the new menu, with which companies can create individual dashboards and digitally map their processes even better.
  • Automated campaigns help you develop leads and plan sales campaigns.
  • Transfer mails from your personal inbox to the projectfacts ticket system with the new Outlook add-in.

All other new features and improvements can be found in this changelog.

Our highlights

New User Experience

The new, completely redesigned menu allows companies to create custom dashboards and adapt the menu structure to their processes. Companies can sort, structure and rename their menu items as they wish. External links can also be included in the menu. With the new version, the user interface also evolves significantly. Various improvements in lists and dialogs provide more clarity and more intuitive operation.

Outlook add-in for ticket import

Import mails that have landed in your personal Outlook mailbox into the projectfacts ticket system. This way you ensure a complete documentation of customer requests. Select a ticket channel, the status and enter yourself as the processor. You can also view the progress in Outlook at any time.

Automated CRM campaigns

With the campaign management in projectfacts you plan and control your marketing and sales campaigns. With our new tool, campaigns can even be automated. With it you plan sales campaigns, send out info material or follow up specifically. Once set, the campaign runs as if by itself.

Changelog 2022

User Experience

  • Revised clear interface with a customizable menu.
  • Unnecessary functions can be hidden more easily.
  • Easier window management.
  • Images can now be used in the description of board elements.
  • Improved handling when approving and rejecting leave requests.
  • When creating work packages or sub-projects, switching to the detail manager is not forced.
  • When creating (sub)projects from a ticket or document, the structure manager is displayed.
  • Commission elements now display the invoice from which the commission originates.
  • Cost elements now show the invoice with which the costs were charged.
  • Days for which no bookings werde made are now marked in red in the navigation calendar.
  • Time booking is now displayed more prominently as a line action under “My Projects”.
  • The menu tile “My day” and the status under “My day” now show a time diagram of the attendance times.
  • The columns under “My Day” can now be configured.
  • The headline for time preview cards can now be clicked (also for serial appointments).
  • The timelines of the detail managers are now consistent with search, print view and views/settings.
  • You can now add your own meeting link to an appointment afterwards.
  • Vacation status filters are now multi-select and have been unified.
  • The Projects column of the capacity lists now shows a maximum of 4 projects.
  • Team views (calendar and other lists) now support scrolling by week.
  • If there is a negative amount due to a budget billing, the amount and the status icon are displayed in blue.
  • Teams call history now considers the actual call time of each participant instead of the total duration.
  • Teams call history recognizes meetings if they were created via projectfacts or the corresponding meeting link was stored in the appointment.
  • Commission elements now display the invoice that shows the commission.
  • In dialogs that are displayed in full screen or dragged into a separate window, the input fields take up all available space.
  • User group permissions are easier to configure.
  • Element types with PDF layout (QM, payroll, etc.) now have easier PDF shipping/downloading (as was already the case for documents).
  • CRM tasks now have a from-to filter for their completion date.

Ticket system

  • With this version projectfacts supports the new Outlook ticket plugin.
  • The new status alarm for tickets replaces reminders.
  • Attachments can be combined before sending the ticket (e.g. as Zip or PDF).
  • The ticket status can be changed subsequently (for all task types) without creating a new task element (configuration required).
  • When creating tickets, the VIP manager of the contact or the key account manager of the organization can be set as responsible (configuration via ticket channel).
  • The ticket module can now handle “Reply-To” (incoming mails).
  • In received mails, external content is no longer automatically displayed for security. The user has to confirm loading.
  • The task list in tickets now has active columns for each view.


  • Automatic campaign operations, e.g. for automatic mail sending, have been added.
  • The contact list in campaigns now displays contacts in order of assignment.
  • Campaigns now have group and color highlighting properties.
  • Campaign lists are now configurable (columns, division).

New reporting features

  • Contact lists can also be filtered by Free Fields of the organization.
  • In the Area&Rubric analysis, detailed columns for projects and employees can now be displayed.
  • Under HR Employees, the last salary adjustments of the employees can be displayed as a column.
  • In the leave report and the working time analysis, leave requests can also be displayed (configuration required).
  • The HR overtime list allows the evaluation of the leave account balance on a certain key date.
  • The detailed lines of the capacity analysis available when splitting can now be configured. New options are available.
  • New KPI data source Workday.
  • In workday lists, there is now a column with a time chart of attendance times.
  • Project/work package lists can now be split by main project and/or color coding.
  • Cost list in travel expense report can now be exported to Excel.
  • Excel report no longer shows IdValue for Free fields of type Relation, but a “readable value”.


  • Color markers are now available in the API (e.g. for tickets and projects).
  • Bookmarks can be listed via the API and their destination can be downloaded as an Excel report.
  • References to ticket and contact added to /api/time.
  • References to ticket and contact added to /api/time.



  • When importing contacts, new contacts were sometimes not set as the main contact for a company.
  • Very long URLs were truncated when creating new pinboard entries.
  • Duplicate input fields in “New sales opportunity” removed.
  • Canceled vacation requests are no longer displayed in the colleague list.
  • For daily limited attendance categories, a vacation can now be taken around a holiday.
  • Fixed formatting error when transferring text from placeholders to free fields.
  • For open items lists, the correct due date is displayed in the menu tile even if there are no open items with due dates.
  • Cost center hierarchy and filters work correctly again.
  • Various problems of the telephone interface fixed.
  • Last action column of ticket overviews is no longer called “Change date” but “Last action”.
  • Day limit check now supports breaks in project times (If start-end entries are mandatory, the break was not subtracted).
  • Fixed incorrect access error messages in the configuration.
  • Search hits in the project search were not correctly sorted by relevance.
  • Headings when splitting lists did not display items correctly.
  • Excel report Billing Items: Item details column now also with currency again.
  • Loading animation when executing multiple actions fixed.
  • The value of the setting “Scheduled time (billable)” in framework conditions of a project is now correctly taken from a template.
  • Areas/headings with preset time values are now also taken into account in the time matrix.
  • Module search for organizations also searches in the address.
  • The keyword input field for text modules works again.
  • The fax number in the contact export is now filled correctly.

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