projectfacts 2022.4

13. December 2022

The new projectfacts: Perfect for your projects

Projects are a central element of the software. The new projectfacts version therefore offers you even more possibilities to plan, control and successfully complete your projects.

Our highlights

Manage project portfolios

Many projects, limited resources and a tight schedule. This is how it is known from many companies. projectfacts now supports you to link different projects, work packages and a capacity to a common milestone. This way you effectively manage your project portfolio and make sure that everything is finished by the deadline.

Hybrid project management

The idea of hybrid project management is as simple as it is ingenious: take the best of the classic and agile worlds and combine them in a way that makes the most sense for your own company. Therefore, in projectfacts you can now combine classic work breakdown structure planning with sprints from the Scrum world. The result: Clear framework conditions, but a flexible and customer-oriented execution.

Task manager

The task manager is a new central element in projectfacts. It bundles all important tasks that you or your team have to do in one place. You can access it at any time via the status bar. The task manager is ideal for hybrid project management, because it gives you an overview of your project sprints.

Microsoft Single Sign-on

Save yourself duplicate login processes. For users of Microsoft 365, a manual login for projectfacts is no longer necessary. Instead, the login is done via single sign-on with Azure AD. So you can start even faster in the morning and have to enter one password less.

Changelog 2022.4

To note:

  • The “SMS login” function is no longer available as of this version

New functions

  • Agile project management with sprints.
  • The task manager combines all pending tasks (work packages, reminders, checks, …) in one place.
  • Single sign-on with Microsoft accounts is now possible (Azure Active Directory).
  • Excel reports are more easily customizable. When creating Excel reports, the time format (minutes, hours, days) and file name can now be specified.
  • A welcome screen prompts for check-in.
  • The break screen displays the current duration of the break.

Improvements and new features

  • Horizontal inheritance of project roles is now possible.
  • A contact picture can be uploaded already when creating a new contact.
  • An alarm can be set up already when creating a new CRM task.
  • A ticket can now be created for participants from an appointment.
  • The creation of incoming invoices from a ticket now offers the comfortable transfer of an attachment as a reference document.
  • Many reports now offer a “Me” widget for the user filter.
  • Item input fields (“three-dot fields”) now display recently used items.
  • Free fields of type “inherited from main item” are now available for projects and organizations.
  • The report for sales opportunities can now be built by creation date, modification date and revenue start date.
  • The sales opportunity list now displays additional contact information.
    Display of external document number for incoming invoices.
  • Invoice date is not set until validation.
  • New column for capacity planning in working day lists.
  • New column for single price invoice item in project time lists.
  • New column for tickets in document lists.
  • Contract time as booking proposal for project time tracking.
  • General conditions of projects can be edited via multiple selection.
  • Improvement of the authorization setting via multiple selection in various modules.
  • Rejected cost elements now have the searchable and filterable status “rejected”.
  • The contact list in campaigns now has customizable columns.
  • The display name of employees can now be displayed and exported in the HR employee list.
  • Lists in the Project Detail Manager are now more consistent in displaying items from underlying project structure items.
  • Ticket lists can now be filtered by customer aspects.
  • The preview card for employees indicates if the employee is external.
  • Formatting of working hours now uses the thousands separator set, if applicable.
  • Better display of half vacation days in calendar overviews such as “My colleagues”.
  • Overtime chart display improved: when only yearly rules are used, it was confusing for users that the chart behaves differently in December.
  • Performance of capacity analysis improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various issues when using multiple windows.
  • In the project list of a capacity, the heading is not translated again (incorrectly) by each refresh.
  • Better searchability of board items that take their title from the linked item.
  • Fixed a bug in the break rules that resulted in an invalid working time.
  • The difference to order column in post calculation rounded too inaccurately in rare cases.
  • The maximum billable effort is applied correctly for positions by effort with billing type “individual period”.
  • The clerk selected in the document creation dialog was not applied under certain circumstances.
  • Notifications no longer disappear when switching to “My colleagues”.
  • Language in campaign emails is now correctly applied to replacement fields.
  • In the activity report of an invoice, calculated labor costs are now also displayed in the draft again.
  • Free fields type restrictions are now also applied correctly in the creation dialogs.
  • Currency selection during project creation works correctly again.
  • Various problems with the subsequent synchronization of project team capacity have been fixed.
  • CRM tasks can be copied again without losing their type.
  • Contact categories are displayed correctly in the master data.
  • Header and footer of a mail generated additional spacing when forwarding.
  • Display of totals values in multi-line table columns was unintuitive in certain cases.
  • Display error for items with negative billing difference in the future revenue report fixed.
  • Display error of birthdays in the colleagues overview fixed.
  • Initiator of a todo in a project template is removed when creating the project.
  • Description in menu tiles of item type was not displayed.
  • In the Project Details Manager, todo view, the action to create a todo was not available in the toolbar.
  • Organization lists could not be accessed after a user switch if restricted CRM permissions are set.
  • Break rule configuration incorrectly required the project time tracking module.

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