projectfacts 6.11 – More possibilities with Microsoft Teams

15. December 2021

projectfacts version 6.11

With projectfacts version 6.11 you can work together even more effectively, because with the new release you can integrate Microsoft Teams into projectfacts. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of smooth teamwork:

  • Create and enter Teams meetings directly in the projectfacts calendar.
  • View Teams calls and work with them (book times, create tickets, etc.)

All other new features and improvements can be found in this changelog.

Our highlights

Create Microsoft Teams appointments

Create Microsoft Teams appointments directly in the projectfacts calendar and add team members and external participants. The invitations are sent automatically by Microsoft. You also have the possibility to create new appointments with your own meeting link. Participants can join the meeting directly from the calendar entry.

View Microsoft Teams calls

With version 6.11 you can find an overview of your Teams phone calls in projectfacts. You can see the main contact, the time and the duration of the call. Work flexibly with it further, for example by entering a time, creating a new contact or sending a ticket. Use the phone interface in the sidebar to access your Teams calls with one click.

Changelog 6.11

New functions

  • Performance time: Different types of project times can be classified as performance time, which enables new evaluations of projects.
  • Data from QM documents can be taken over during project creation (and vice versa).
  • Duplicate check for mail accounts possible. In case mails are sent to several mail accounts, they are processed only once.
  • Templates for appointment descriptions. Appointments created from projects or tickets can be provided with a standard text that also supports placeholders (project name, ticket ID, etc.).
  • Password rules can be freely configured.
  • Sales funnels now have a sales team that receives menu notifications for tasks that cannot be assigned to a specific sales employee.
  • Times posted to open items can be listed in the open item.


  • Only active contacts are displayed in the contact list of a campaign.
  • Display of the vacation report and its export improved. Both now have the “Total” column as well.
  • New filters have been added to the Billing Analysis, Billing Items and the Financial Lists reports: “Project Types”, “No Project”.
  • The Billing Analysis report can now be cumulated and split by project type.
  • New configuration option: project creation is possible only after validation of an order.
  • New time recording settings for vacation, sickness and daily limits.
  • Check for booking at unusual times (e.g. outside office hours).
  • Optionally, time bookings on vacation and sick days can be deactivated.
  • New possibilities for cumulation in activity reports.
  • Improvement and generalization of the display of calendars and capacity lists.
  • It is now possible to predefine a shipping email address and thus the associated ticket channel per financial document layout.
  • The Excel import can now also import numeric cells as FK/ID.
  • The export of vacation reports has been extended by the columns “Start value” and “Start date”.
  • In the organization list, the active column “Legal aspects” now also contains “Framework contract”.
  • The display of column data in the organization list and the export of address columns have been corrected.
  • In project lists, it is now possible to filter by assigned boards.
  • Multiple actions in lists have been integrated into the toolbar (better especially on smartphones) and are retained in navigation and refresh.
  • Financial analysis now allows cumulation on main organizations.


  • Names are no longer displayed unnecessarily in capacity and calendar lists.
  • The filter “All contacts” in the contact list of an External Access now works again.
  • When changing the date of a leave request (in draft mode), the period is now always displayed correctly.
  • The period of a leave request is now correctly displayed in all dialogs and lists.
  • The “Change” column of the leave report is now included in the Excel report when exporting.
  • Free capacity is now displayed depending on the data display setting.
  • In the assignment dialog of a contact of an External Access, only an “x” button is now displayed behind the selected option in the “External Access” field.
  • Lists now only have a default view.
  • Arbitrary contact assignment when searching for a CRM contact from blank mail addresses is now prevented.
  • The “Target achievement” column in the Employee data report is displayed correctly again.
  • Canceled serial appointments are now displayed correctly.
  • Resources and cancelled appointments are no longer displayed in the “My Colleagues Today” view.
  • Forwarding a ticket no longer deletes the main contact of the ticket.
  • The message when creating a project from a project template now displays the name of the project.
  • Holidays are no longer taken into account when calculating the “Available time”. The sum of the “Available times” is no longer included in the “Time(Plan)” total. Vacation and sickness are highlighted in color.
  • Active columns no longer shift when creating an Excel report and then changing the filters.
  • In capacity planning it is now possible to filter by group and category.
  • In the HR list of leave requests, the leaves and leave requests are now displayed in a calendar view if the right to see capacities is not available.
  • The “Statistics of filtered values” box in sales opportunities lists now takes into account all data and is no longer limited by page size. In addition, clicking again on an option in the “Statistics of filtered values” box removes the previously set filter.
  • Series dates are now displayed correctly in the project calendar. Hover added.


  • For receipts with foreign currency, the entered amount (foreign/local currency) was taken into account until now. There was no conversion to the other currency. This fix solves the problem on the database.
  • Various improvements in selection lists.
  • Placeholders of type Selection are taken over correctly.
  • Multiple action “PDF export” is only applied to selected elements.
  • Null Pointer Exception: Capacities “Create new record”.
  • Null Pointer Exception: Create new presence/absence.
  • Project DM > Times: Projects are updated correctly after applying an action via multiple selection.
  • Deletion warning in time matrix is now correctly labeled.
  • Too hard permission checks for dynamic columns have been corrected.
  • Bookmark migration now also takes over the deep link and considers servers that still use the context “/projectfacts/webapp”.
  • Ticket->Contact->Orga filter re-installed so bookmarks still work and you can filter both assignments.
  • Appointments with status attribute no longer cause an error in the task overview.
  • Fixed display of icons in the recently used list.
  • The revenue forecast in the project time analysis now correctly considers the document currency in the forecast.

Header image: © David Monje – (2021)