projectfacts 2022.3

20. September 2022

More individual than ever: The new projectfacts

With projectfacts we attach importance to the fact that the software adapts to the customer where necessary and not vice versa. With the new version we consequently follow this philosophy. For this purpose projectfacts now offers a number of new features, with which you can map your needs even more individually in the software.

All new features and improvements can be found in this changelog.

Our highlights

Application specific menus

Since projectfacts 2022 you can name, sort and structure menu items and tiles according to your preferences. The new version extends this freedom: From now on, create multiple application-specific menus – e.g. for individual departments, employees or supervisors. You can also specify content for the individual user dashboard company-wide.

Individual info in reports

Add more information to lists and reports in projectfacts, which can be compiled individually. You want billing information in the project status analysis? Or ticket info in the project overview? Replacement templates make it possible.

Vacation manager for capacities

With projectfacts multi-level approval procedures for vacation requests are no problem. New is the option to set up special vacation managers for capacities. They automatically receive a message when a vacation request affects their capacity and have to approve it in advance if desired.

Changelog 2022.3

New functions

  • Create multiple application-specific menus and company-wide dashboards
  • Design your own summaries for lists using free fields with the new replacement template field type
  • Account for financial planning
  • Work station planning

Improvements and new features

  • If a pinboard entry is created via sharing, it can be navigated to directly. The entry is also highlighted.
  • When creating an appointment or a scheduled resource, an alarm can be set up directly for it.
  • New active column “References” for project lists replaces the small annotation icons behind the project name.
  • Various improvements in the financial planning module.
  • When creating ticket projects, a ticket process item is automatically created.
  • A team can already be entered when creating a capacity.
  • Menu notifications for which no menu entry exists at the user are now collected separately at the beginning of the menu.
  • Editing of cells has been improved, especially there is more space for multiple selection.
  • Automatic booking deadline can be set to a day of the week (example: from Tuesday, the previous week is no longer bookable).
  • New rule for project time categories possible: External time may not fall below internal time.
  • Free fields are available for travel expense reports.
  • Office hours can now be taken into account for time-controlled ticket escalation.
  • Project grid views show additional information in the map and in a summary row, such as scheduled time.
  • Attendance time tracking: Entries of a standard category that are not credited to the working time account (e.g. “2h flextime”) are now deducted from the plannable capacity.
  • New status “Rejected” for travel expense reports, receipts and QM documents.
  • When creating the first entry for “Contract data and working time”, the weekly working time is filled with the time defined in the client. Monday to Friday are set to “Full workday”. Saturday and Sunday are set to “No workday”.
  • Lists for monthly and travel expense reports now have configurable columns.
  • User list in configuration can now be filtered by user groups.
  • Contact creation from the search field now recognizes email addresses and presets the creation dialog accordingly.
  • The greeting formula when replying to a ticket changes depending on the selected recipients (If one address remains: “Dear Mr/Ms…” if there are several addresses: “Dear Sir or Madam,”).
  • A new group right “Show free capacities” now exists for displaying free capacities in the capacity analysis. In order to see the corresponding list in the capacity analysis, you no longer have to be a clerk.
  • When creating capacities, a plan of action can be created at the same time.
  • Split list views: Multiple selection of all entries of a page is now possible.
  • In case of an article master with more than 100 articles, an extended article selection is used. This now also searches for item properties such as description or product type.
  • Items in the colleague overview are now clickable (appropriate permissions required).
  • Vacation requests, absence markers, and sick notes can be dragged and dropped under “My colleagues” and “My vacation”.
  • Tickets owned by passive users escalate immediately when messages are received again.
  • Excel reports retrieved via API now use a static identifier for the spreadsheet (the bookmark name).
  • Offer status is now set meaningfully when copying (if a value is set in the template, it is applied, otherwise the offer status is set to “open” if the document being copied has a real value set).
  • Dynamic user filter for bookmarks.
  • New setting “Automatic confirmation” for check templates immediately approves checks that a potential approver has initiated himself.
  • New field “Vacation manager” for capacities.
  • New notification group for vacations: “Vacation representative”.
  • The trade register number is now also included in the format “XRechnung”.

Bug fixes

  • The synchronization of project team to capacity team has been improved and errors have been fixed.
  • When copying documents (exception: invoicing), the ticket assignment is taken over. When copying as a template, the assignment will be removed.
  • The organization filter in ticket lists now first considers the organization set in the ticket, if applicable, before resorting to the organization of the ticket contact. Now, tickets that only have an organization assignment will also be displayed in the organization overview.
  • In the Post calculation report, the “Deviation from …” columns can now be sorted.
  • When switching to invoice line items via the row action in the finance item analysis report, the associated filter values are now correctly transferred to the billing item list.
  • The HR employee list can export addresses again.
  • The item list in tickets again displays an action to jump to the diverted ticket by default.
  • Reviewer icons now use the first and last name abbreviation in checked and unchecked state.
  • The color marker column in contact lists now displays the colored icon of the color marker in addition to the name.
  • Calendar presence/absence entries are no longer improperly grouped in availability views.
  • When creating a new activity in the activity activity list of a sales opportunity with the activity type “Sales opportunity status”, the sales opportunity data is now correctly loaded and pre-populated. Added “New status” action.
  • Active attendance blocks (with check-in/check-out) are no longer overwritten with scheduled blank blocks in the “My colleagues today” view.
  • ClearWidget in the global search list now correctly removes the search term.
  • Bookmarks for the clearings list now work after a session restart.
  • The full-time salary and salary changes columns in HR are calculated correctly even if the last salary/hour block does not have an open end.
  • HTML characters are no longer displayed in the description placeholder when posting times.
  • Light bulb: Suggestions with quotation marks are taken over correctly. Empty suggestions in “Append” fields can no longer be clicked.
  • Goodwill days are now correctly taken into account by the list filters in Invoice Management.
  • If goodwill days are increased, invoices no longer slip back from “action required” to “overdue”.
  • Invoice management lists take into account the user’s time zone.
  • Closing the “New item” dialog no longer results in an unusable ticket for ticket drafts.
  • The calendar widget (e.g. in my day) now also takes into account absences taken, such as flex time. In the attendance time measurement type, the reduction of overtime is no longer displayed as an error and corresponding days are no longer marked in red.
  • Column headers in capacity analysis were not displayed for certain list settings.
  • Ticket column “Last reply” is now also filled if there is only one reply.
  • The user group filter under “My colleagues” did not allow the selection of some groups.
  • Proportion storage for capacity planning with subsequent days now takes the correct day length into account.
  • LineCharts can now be scrolled horizontally in Firefox without jumping back.
  • Creating a file from a document template in the ticket detail manager no longer opens an empty contact detail manager.
  • Deeplinks landed on the dashboard instead of in the detail manager of the desired entity.
  • Changed permission of Project Analysis section Finance to “Project show Finance”.
  • Free field values for financial documents are now saved correctly.
  • Description from templates when posting via time matrix is included.
  • Project Time Analysis correctly resolves user groups before copying filter settings.
  • When editing ticket drafts, the header (greeting formula) and footer (signature) are updated correctly when the contact is changed.
  • Fixed column headers in pop-up lists could obscure parts of the view under certain circumstances.
  • Sorting lists by a Boolean value (Yes/No) caused errors in rare cases.
  • api/offer/meta/template now uses the correct content type application/json.
  • API error messages when accessing file resources now return with the correct Content type text/plain.
  • Excel reports retrieved via API now use a static identifier for the spreadsheet (the bookmark name).
  • Order start, end, and contract status (auto-renewal, etc.) dates are now retrievable in the API.
  • Correct salutation is used when replying to Outlook addin ticket processes.
  • No more error message for leave request checks for reviewers. The reviewer of a leave request review still has access to the leave request after the review.

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